Natural Whitening Teeth & Gum Powder

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Get A Bright, White, Attractive Smile In The Most Natural Way! Phaii bamboo charcoal tooth powder is now available on Amazon and it promises to work wonders for your mouth hygiene. This finest quality charcoal powder features special qualifications to provide the best results. It is burnt under the temperature of more than 1,000 degrees Celsius and it is natural product. It contains no synthetic additives, artificial colors or flavors. Bamboo whitening charcoal tooth powder is an excellent anti – bacterial toothpaste alternative. It absorbs bacteria, toxins and heavy metals in the mouth and gives a fresh breath. What is more, it whitens and polishes your teeth and it eliminates any existing stains. This top bamboo charcoal tooth powder can tone the gums and soothe any gum soreness. It also features anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that efficiently fight oral inflammations.


This handy dandy little scoop you get to put it on your tooth brush. It helps but it will not stay on your toothbrush unless it gets in the toothbrush so it wont fall out.  There is no easy way to put this on ur toothbrush.


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This is super messy but it is well worth it and it will whiten your teeth with one use Now you can use it once or twice a day or even once a week it makes no difference.     ( IF YOU SWALLOW IT IT WILL NOT HURT YOU ).

I love this product for the purpose of whitening  your teeth  and you use it as much as you want to.

What I don’t like is the mess it makes to get it on the toothbrush and into your mouth. It just makes a mess I wish it came like toothpaste in a tube. Maybe in the future they will make that.

To me this is a must have and it is cheaper than getting it done at the dentist. 2 min a day compared to hundreds of dollars at the dentist.


AMAZON  :  http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01DG6J1KO

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Charcoal Teeth Powder with Cinnamon by Sagano

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20160913_095021661-1 GET WHITER TEETH AND HEALTHIER MOUTH AFTER FIRST USE: Feel the difference in just one brush with the Sagano Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder! It’s quick and effective, leaving your mouth feeling fresher and cleaner all day. No more teeth discoloration from coffee, tea, red wine, and other tooth-staining beverages. With our activated charcoal, you can say goodbye to bad breath and gum disease and start smiling confidently with healthier and whiter teeth!

DELICIOUS FLAVOR : Brush with a burst of spicy-sweet cinnamon flavor in your mouth for a refreshing and soothing mouth cleanup. Our product tastes so good, some of our customers have requested us to make a dessert with the same flavors! Say goodbye to nasty-tasting chemical whitening ingredients and hello to a pleasureable and fresh-tasting teeth whitening experience!

SAFE FOR SENSITIVE TEETH: Our teeth whitening powder contains natural cinnamon, a herbal painkiller that helps relieve tooth and gum sensitivity. Our carbon powder is also fine and not gritty, with a softer and more velvety texture that is best in preventing teeth and gum irritations. Just a perfect toothpaste alternative!

100% NATURAL PREMIUM COCONUT: We take great pride in offering the best products with only the best ingredients possible. Our teeth whitening powder is made from 100% natural coconut activated charcoal and organic cinnamon – no artificial flavor or chemicals that can harm your enamel. Our activated charcoal is highly distinguished for its premium quality because it is made from top-grade coconut, yielding the highest quality possible to maximize the tremendous benefits of activated charcoal.

I did like this and it did not have the charcoal taste,  the  cinnamon was not over powering. This did make my teeth a little whiter each time I used it. But to really notice a huge difference you would need to use it for a couple of weeks to a month. The recommended use is 2-3 times  a week . This is the safest  way to whiten your teeth with out going to the dentist.


AMAZON:  http://www.amztk.com/whiteteethpowder

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