Freshware 15-Pack 3 Compartment Bento Lunch Boxes

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These convenient bento lunch boxes with clear lids are designed for easy meal prep. They are versatile food containers that are microwavable and easy to stack in coolers and picnic baskets or other areas with limited storage space. The leak-resistant lid keeps delicate foods fresh with a raised design that allows you to top off your favorite foods. These food containers are great for sandwiches, pizza, pasta, chips, fruits and more.

  • Microwave safe
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Freezer safe
  • Leak- Resistant
  • Stackable
  • Hot & Cold
  • Reusable

Want to know what all they have  go to

SIZE :  Box Size: 9.8 x 7.5 x 1.7 inch. Large Cavity Size: 9 x 3.9 x 1.7 inch. Two Small Cavity Size: 4.4 x 3.3 x 1.7 inch. Volume: 20, 8 and 8 oz, Total 36 oz. Lid Size: 9.8 x 7.5 x 0.6 inch.





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Freshware 40-Pack 8 oz Plastic Food Storage Containers with Lids –

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  • THE ULTIMATE DELI FOOD STORAGE CONTAINER SET OF 40: If you are looking for ways to make your everyday life easier, then we got you covered. Our 40 reusable plastic food storage containers are the way to go. Made from high quality materials and with the most affordable prices, our containers will become your lunch buddies everywhere you go. They have the perfect size: 4.6 inch top diameter x 3.4 inch base diameter x 1.7 inch height. Volume: 8 ounce/0.4 pint to accommodate all your needs.
  • HIGH QUALITY 100% BPA FREE PLASTIC STACKABLE BENTO BOXES: These 8 oz bento boxes are especially designed from high quality BPA and Phthalate free plastic, so as to keep you and your beloved ones safe. No more worries about harmful toxins and chemicals since your food is safe from now on. They are crack-resistant so even your kids can use them too. Being stackable as well, they will allow you to stack them nice and easy either in the freezer or in your backpack.
  • PORTION CONTROL FOODSAVER & MEAL PREP DISHWASHER SAFE CONTAINERS: If you are busy at work but you still want to lead a healthy lifestyle, these food storage containers are the perfect solution for you. They will help you control the portions that you consume and finally nail that 21-day fix diet! Our containers are ideal as foodsavers so as not to mess around with foils and plastic bags all the time. After you are done using them, simply toss them in the dishwasher and let it do the rest.
  • AIRTIGHT LEAK PROOF LIDS CONVENIENT TO TRAVEL: We here at Freshware, have cleverly designed these containers to bear airtight and leak proof lids. No more soup spilled at the back of your trunk. No more repelling smells coming from the fridge. You can now travel all you want or simply prep your meal and put it in one of our marvelous containers and enjoy it later on. The most airtight sealing lids to the rescue!

The Ultimate Food Storage Container Set Has Just Arrived! Are you fed up with poor plastic containers that would create a mess in the kitchen? Do you hate spending a fortune on expensive Tupperware? Are you looking for a handy little container to pack your kid’s favorite snacks? If the answer to those questions is yes, then you should keep on reading. We have designed the perfect plastic food storage containers to fulfill all of you daily eating, lunching and snacking needs to the fullest. Containers To Go For Meal Prep, Portion Control, 21 Fix Day & Other Uses These plastic containers are suitable as your kids lunch box, as a bento box for work or like most fitness experts have recommended as meal preps and portion control containers. You can place inside anything that comes in mind. From dry fruit, vegetable smoothies, soups, pasta, to stews, spicy sauces, deli meat and any other food that you like. You may rest assured that their leak proof lids will keep all of your food inside without any leakage or spilling issues. Extremely Stackable Food Storage Containers That Can Fit Almost Anywhere Our food containers are easily stackable in refrigerators, coolers, freezers or any other place you might think of. Your gym locker, your kid’s school bag, a picnic basket, a backpack or even a handbag. Hassle free storage has finally become a reality. These food containers are able to withstand extreme temperatures from -40 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit (-40 to 121 degrees Celsius). Pure perfection right? What are you waiting for? Get your set today and one as a housewarming gift to a friend. GET IT WITH CONFIDENCE.

I like to use these for my 3 year old and to send food with my husband to work.  Or use for leftover food. There is a million and one things to use these for. Think of your own thing to use them for.




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Vorfreude Cardiology Stethoscope

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I love this stethoscope it is made by a very good trustworthy company. This comes a lot of things all bundled into one. I wish I had one of these when I was a med aid.


This has a very nice oversized stainless steel bell with non-chill ring and ergonomic noise cancelling grip increases the audible volume. Press Frequency pinpoints any frequency, within the audible range, by diaphragm pressure.

It comes with replacement ear tips, diaphragm. Free nameplate  and free pupil light and batteries.

Patented bichannel allows binaural flow contained within  single master tubing reducing weight. Precision handcrafted in the Vorfreude engineering mastercraft utilizing the latest patented advancements.  Lifetime replacement  warranty on entire Vorfreude cardiology stethoscope.

There are so many stethoscopes out there but I would say this is one of  the best ones out there. This will run you about anywhere from $100 on up.



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Real Time GPS Tracker for Kids and Pets

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CIRCO is the name of the this GPS tracker. CIRCO uses a blend of 4 technologie             ( GPS, AGPS, WIFI, CELL ID )


In today’s busy world, this easy-to-use GPS tracker keeps your entire family safe and sound. No more panicking when your child’s bus is late dropping her off. No more stressing about sending them over to a friend’s for a sleepover. And no more needless worrying when they walk home from school. The Circo GPS tracker protects your children so you can gain that crucial parenting peace of mind. For your younger kiddos, simply attach the Circo GPS tracker to their backpack or coat, allowing you to keep an eye on their whereabouts when they’re at a friend’s, walking home from school, or out on a fieldtrip. Have a teenager in the house? Install a tracker in their car, or attach it to their cell phone. This way, you always know that the most precious people in your life are completely protected.The wifi tracker Circo GPS can tell you where they’re at within 2 meters of accuracy, in real time. When you want to keep tabs on your children for their safety, the Circo GPS works with an app on your phone to let you know exactly where they are, exactly when you want to know. This is the safety measure that saves you some sanity, too. You take good care of your kids.

Now I love thing it is so cool and a good idea for kids or if you have a parent who has alzheimer’s. I like the idea on how this thing works I have not had a chance to use it but all the things I have read about it and all the comments it must be a good thing.


This is the GPS tracker that you get and you must have  SIM CARD or it will not work. On the upper right hand corner you can see where you can hook this to a backpack or on your kid. The yellow button is for emergencies. The kids press it and it will notify you where they are at.




This to rest the GPS  and open the side to put the SIM CARD in.


This is the plug in for it and it don’t take long for it to charge.This is the same as a cell phone charger and so you can charge this in the car if you needed to.


This all the nice and easy things about this GPS. This really has some cool and neat features. On keeping your kids safe at school or going  to the park and playing with friends. I believe this is an awesome idea.

Athentek’s Circo app is fun and easy to use, and also as advanced security features to ensure your privacy while connecting you and your loved ones in a secure social networking space.  You can find this on the GOOGLE APP AND APPLE STORE.



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Scratch-Off Interactive World Map by Info-Globes

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Looking for a unique gift for travelers who like to keep track of where they visit?


Scratch off the gold coating with the enclosed free tool & reveal a colorful world underneath.


It is printed on top quality flexible plastic that is designed to last years.

Its large size fits most standard frames.

The golden foil coating removes easily with the enclosed tool, showing colorful land masses underneath.

All major countries are outlined by their states & regions, so the United States, Canada, Australia, Brazil, India, China, etc. have their divisions marked clearly.

The map includes a Map Legend of information at the bottom.

It comes in a classic quality gift case for storing.


Our map has black with gold foil coating on a flexible roll-up poster, plus we include FREE:

1 Scratching Tool
1 Working Retro-Looking Compass.


Package Includes:
1 World Map – 32.5 x 23.5 inches
1 Scratching Tool – 4.17 inches
1 Compass – 1.77 x 0.39 inches
1 Gift Tube Box – 24.8 x 2.16 inches


This unique map makes a great birthday or wedding present for those who love traveling or learning about the world!

Become an explorer of the world through an experiential way.



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Cube Fit Standing Desk

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EASILY CONVERT TO A STANDING DESK IN SECONDS: In less than 10 seconds you can go from sitting to standing and reap the benefits of standing while you work. In two easy motions, a sliding mechanism (with locking latches) and adjustable support leg turns your work desk into a standing work station ranging from 10 inches to 18 inches high.

HALF THE COST OF OTHER STANDING DESKS: In addition to being easy to set up and use, the CubeFit standing desk is half the price of other standing desks without sacrificing quality or sturdiness. It has been stress tested by a mechanical engineer and ergonomically tested by a certified personal trainer. The CubeFit standing desk was designed to provide every office worker with a premium standing desk at an affordable price.

WORKS WITH LAPTOPS OR DESKTOPS: This desk features a top and lower platform that can accommodate a monitor, keyboard, and a mouse. The top platform is about 25 inches wide and 18 inches deep and allows you to 1) Put a single monitor on the top platform and a keyboard and mouse on the lower platform or 2) Put a laptop on the top platform with an optional keyboard and mouse on the lower platform.

SPECIALIZED DESIGN TO FIT ON TOP OF ANY DESK SIZE: Designed with multiple levels to provide the same working area as competitor standing desks. But unlike competitor standing desks, the CubeFit standing desk was created with the flexibility to fit on the smallest desks without compromising all of your work space. And at only 15 pounds, you can easily move this standing desk around your office or home.

JOIN THE MOVEMENT: CubeFit is about more than just healthy office products – it’s a lifestyle movement equipping office workers to be healthier during their 9 to 5. Your standing desk also comes with a free Chrome extension tool that reminds you when to sit, stand and do other tasks designed to help you stay active and healthy at your desk.

” I received the product heavily discounted ”



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Progress note history and physical notebook

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This is just like the other H&P book I blogged about yesterday. There is just one thing different it is this page .20160922_201418081

This is for night shift to do progress report. This is more for you’r medical in hospitals not in a nursinghome.  This everything from the person’s name to what is wrong, to past history in surgeries, Blood type.  Medical history to labs. UA out put and theripies. As you can tell it has just like the other book. This good for collage students in med school.



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