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Never Have I Ever Seen: A Rhyming Alphabet Book

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  • Ants wearing pants?! A bee drinking tea?! Never have I ever seen a cow take a bow! This rhyming alphabet book is full of animals doing unexpected, silly things! Author MaryKate Cohane and Illustrator Bonnie Wiegand take the reader through each letter in a fun, laugh-out-loud adventure full of things they have never ever seen
  • Let your childs imagination soar as they look at the colorful, hand-painted pictures of lively, fun characters
  • Your child will enjoy playing along with the alphabet in this whimsical way
  • Each never have I ever seen brings up the question: What have you never ever seen? Children engage with the alphabet in a whole new way! Add “Never Have I Ever Seen” to your treasured collection
  • It will become a favorite for the whole family to

My 3 year old loves this book and it helps him learn about the alphabet and animals, and rhyming . Ants wearing pants?! A bee drinking tea?! Never have I ever seen a cow take a bow!  you can get this on Kindle amazon for ($ 1.99 ) and the hardcover for ($ 12.99 ) on amazon.





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Aloe Vera Gel Spray

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I love this spray we use it for a 100 things. I use it for my son’s butt rash. My husband works outside and he uses for sunburns. I use it from burns to rashes to bug bites and small cuts. This is a huge must have in the home or here in the hastings home. This is only a ( 4oz ) bottle so it is small one.  The bottle does have a lock on it so when your done you can lock it.

  • Soothes insect bites, sunburn, skin burns & irritations, and chapped skins
  • Excellent Aftershave spray
  • 100% natural, 95% organic Aloe Vera Gel; no added color, fragrance, or alcohol
  • Promotes collagen, elastin and exfoliation
  • Helps with eczema, psoriasis and acne relief

The best Sunburn Cool Down spray ALEOMIL Aloe Vera Gel Spray is a natural body moisturizing and skin soothing product. It is purely organic – containing 95% Organic ALEOMIL Aloe Vera Spray is very convenient and easy to use. It spreads evenly and is rapidly absorbed by the skin. Aloe Vera and Chamomile Gel Mist. Being a top-quality, natural cold-pressed product, ALOEMIL is rich in Sugars, Lignin, Minerals, Amino Acids, Vitamins, Antioxidants, Enzymes, Saponins, Anthraquinones, Salicylic Acid and Fatty acids. It helps to beautify, invigorate and freshen all skin types; young and old. ALEOMIL Aloe Vera Spray assists in the protection and healing of your skin’s epithelial cells. All the natural anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antibacterial qualities of the best Aloe Vera species are present in ALEOMIL Aloe Vera Spray. It is fast-absorbing and skin-enhancing – free of artificial additives. Skin Applications 1. Anti-Aging: Skin Aging has long been a controversial issue. 2. Skin Moisturizer: 3. Effective against Acne and Skin Blemishes: 4. Anti-inflammatory and Skin-soother: 5. Fixes Stretch Marks: Stretch Marks which are often as a result of loss of skin elasticity can be fixed using Aloe Vera. Hair Applications 1. When used together with castor oil, Aloe Vera helps to promote hair growth. 2. It’s great for the removal of dead cells in the scalp, hence a fantastic anti-dandruff treatment. 3. You’ll be amazed to find out how a disruption in your hair’s PH by shampoos and other commercial hair products can lead to endless hair issues. 4. One of the best ways to keep your hair shiny, strong and moisturized is by regularly treating it with Aloe Vera gel. ALEOMIL Aloe Vera Spray has a very pleasant after-use effect; it does not leave any artificial layer on your skin.







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Super Style Blaster Children Kid’s Pretend Play Battery Operated Toy Gun Rifle w/ Lights, Sounds, Shoulder Strap

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This is a fun little gun and me and my son love it. It takes “AA” batteries. This is loud but fun.



This is what it looks like when it is light on and it only lights up when you press the trigger button.

Dominate the battle with the Kids Tech Super Style Blaster Toy Gun! -This pretend play rifle is sure to entertain for hours and hours. -It features flashing LED lights throughout. -Makes futuristic shooting sounds while trigger is held down. -Inner barrel spins around and rounds inside magazine move up and down while in use. -Includes a shoulder strap for transport. Features and specifications: -Manufactured by Kids Tech -Flashing LED lights -Futuristic shooting sound effects -Barrel spins around and rounds inside magazine move up and down -Gun vibrates while in use -Shoulder strap included -Recommended for ages 3+ and up -Requires 3 AA batteries to run (not included) -Approx. length: 17 inches What’s inside the box: -Kids Tech Super Style Blaster Toy Gun -Shoulder strap.




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M16 Commando SWAT Force Friction Toy Gun Pretend Play Set

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This is a fun little bundle to play with, this is what you get with it.

  • machine gun
  • hand gun
  • whistle
  • headset
  • walkie talkie
  • grenade
  • gas mask

Now this has a lot of little pieces and it’s not made well at all. My son had it 20 min and the headset broke.  And this is not made for ages 4 and under.



Well it is built to last this made very well. No pieces come off of this




the straps do not go around the head and the mask will not bend. This is not made good at all. The straps snap in on the side of the mask.




The handgun is not good and not made good at all. The headset is not made well and is a choking hazard. and the grenade is on a 1/2 of one. The handcuffs are very well made.

This is a fun kit to play with but not really made for kids 4 and under. But it’s fun to play with.


This awesome M16 Commando Set includes everything a soldier needs for battle in the field. Get these essentials! Commando set includes:

– M16 Machine Gun with Friction Sound, 9mm style Pistol
– # Real working Whistle # Working Handcuffs # Grenade slice # Field Radio
– # Communication Headset # Full Gasmask with Red Lenses # No batteries required!
– * Color: Green * Material: Plastic *




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Special V Force Tactical Army Soldier 7 Piece Children Kid’s Pretend Play Friction Powered Toy Gun Playset w/ Gun, Pistol

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As you can see this box is stuffed with a ton of stuff to play with. (I will warn you this is super cheap so it will break easy) .


This what you get

  • binoculars
  • 1/2 grenade
  • watch
  • whistle
  • walkie talkie

Now some of these do come apart and are choking hazards and those are

  • Binoculars, the top and bottom screw off and the plastic glass can be removed and that is a super choking hazard.
  • Watch, the clip to hold it on falls off so that is a choking hazard.

This is not for kids 4 and under even though it saids 3+



The machine gun is made pretty good but play to rough it will brake. The orange round  button you pull it back and it will make the sound when you press the trigger.





This is mad pretty good to and it is one of my favorites to play with. Yes I like to play with my kid and his cool toys. I really have anything to say about this one.

Take command of the battle with the Kids Tech Special V Force Tactical Army Soldier Toy Playset! -This pretend play set includes everything needed to get right into role-playing. -Includes 2 toy guns that make realistic shooting sounds when pulling the trigger. -Also included are a variety of accessories that complete this set such as binoculars, walkie talkie, and whistle. -Recommended for ages 3+ and up Features and specifications: -Manufactured by Kids Tech -Friction powered toy guns -Realistic shooting sounds -Complete playset with a variety of accessories -Recommended for ages 3+ and up -Guns requires no batteries -Approx. gun length: 14.5 inches -Approx. pistol length: 7.5 inches What’s inside the box: -Toy gun -Toy pistol -Binoculars -Grenade -Walkie talkie -Watch -Whistle.


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GO! Pro-Shake

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This is for kids and or adults you can use this a  meal replacement or for post workout or just a healthy snack.  My son likes to use for a meal it has all his vitamins and nutrition in it. So I don’t have to worry about not getting his daily value in not not eating 3 meals a day. His doctor said this is fine sinces he only eats when he wants to.


You only need a cup milk with a about 1/4 of go pro shake. The chocolate is not bad but it is super rich, at first my son did not like it but it grew on him and me both.

GO! Pro-Shakes are a Delicious, Power Packed Shake Kids and Teens Love! These shakes are a perfect blend of nutrients to nourish growing minds and bodies. Moms and Dads also enjoy and benefit from GO! Shakes. The shakes are low in sugar, full of strength building proteins, rich in brain sharpening Omega-3s, and have a milkshake taste that kids will love. GO! Shakes are the best-tasting kids and teens shakes on the market! It has a special blend of nutrient rich calories, muscle strengthening proteins, energizing carbohydrates, rich in vitamins and minerals, and many more.

One serving has just 120 calories, only 3 grams of sugar, 3 grams of fiber and 12 grams of protein. GO! Pro-Shakes will satisfy and replenish energy for you and your children. You will love GO! Pro-Shakes!




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Real Time GPS Tracker for Kids and Pets

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CIRCO is the name of the this GPS tracker. CIRCO uses a blend of 4 technologie             ( GPS, AGPS, WIFI, CELL ID )


In today’s busy world, this easy-to-use GPS tracker keeps your entire family safe and sound. No more panicking when your child’s bus is late dropping her off. No more stressing about sending them over to a friend’s for a sleepover. And no more needless worrying when they walk home from school. The Circo GPS tracker protects your children so you can gain that crucial parenting peace of mind. For your younger kiddos, simply attach the Circo GPS tracker to their backpack or coat, allowing you to keep an eye on their whereabouts when they’re at a friend’s, walking home from school, or out on a fieldtrip. Have a teenager in the house? Install a tracker in their car, or attach it to their cell phone. This way, you always know that the most precious people in your life are completely protected.The wifi tracker Circo GPS can tell you where they’re at within 2 meters of accuracy, in real time. When you want to keep tabs on your children for their safety, the Circo GPS works with an app on your phone to let you know exactly where they are, exactly when you want to know. This is the safety measure that saves you some sanity, too. You take good care of your kids.

Now I love thing it is so cool and a good idea for kids or if you have a parent who has alzheimer’s. I like the idea on how this thing works I have not had a chance to use it but all the things I have read about it and all the comments it must be a good thing.


This is the GPS tracker that you get and you must have  SIM CARD or it will not work. On the upper right hand corner you can see where you can hook this to a backpack or on your kid. The yellow button is for emergencies. The kids press it and it will notify you where they are at.




This to rest the GPS  and open the side to put the SIM CARD in.


This is the plug in for it and it don’t take long for it to charge.This is the same as a cell phone charger and so you can charge this in the car if you needed to.


This all the nice and easy things about this GPS. This really has some cool and neat features. On keeping your kids safe at school or going  to the park and playing with friends. I believe this is an awesome idea.

Athentek’s Circo app is fun and easy to use, and also as advanced security features to ensure your privacy while connecting you and your loved ones in a secure social networking space.  You can find this on the GOOGLE APP AND APPLE STORE.



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