Big Hippo Windshield Snow Cover

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Big Hippo 2018 new design car snow cover with rear view mirror protector. The snow cover made of high-quality polyester fiber material.It can withstand long-term exposure without odor, and protect your car from snow, ice,frost,rain,tree sap, pollen, fallen leaves, dirt, dust.  Big Hippo car snow windshield cover size is 57.9×39.4 Inches, this window snow cover can fit most cars and crvs,it can protect your car windshield in in snow, rain, wind and other weather. Big Hippo car windshield snow cover cancel all magnets to avoid scratching your paint.  The two windproof elastic hooks are hung on the car seat firmly,other two elastic straps hung on the rear-view mirror to make it stronger, and the larger wind cannot blow it away.  Place the windshield snow cover on the car windshield, and set two rearview mirror covers on the car rearview mirror. You can stretch them easily because of its elastic straps embraced in the edge of rearview mirror cover. Other two elastic straps with hooks can be hitch on car seat when car doors is closed. When drive your car, you just remove the snow cover and shake off snow, ice or leaves.






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