Purlev Skincare Pure Silk Anti Aging Face Serum

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I love how silky this makes my face feel.  And in days you can tell difference in days.

  • GET THE SKIN OF YOUR DREAMS: Enjoy silky soft and super plump skin, just like the one you used to dream about. No more dull looking skin. No more imperfections. No more expression lines making their appearance. Cherish a youthful looking and bright skin again. Make everyone wonder.
  • TACKLE WRINKLES & FINE LINES: Your secret weapon against wrinkles and fine lines has just been released. Wait no more. Purlev presents the most potent anti aging face serum. Firm your skin, improve its elasticity, boost Collagen production, tighten your pores, achieve an even skin tone and take years off your face.
  • HIGHLY CONCENTRATED – FASTER ABSORPTION: Enriched with high quality extracts and thanks to its highly concentrated formula, this ageless serum ensures lightning fast absorption and a smooth finish. It contains antioxidant Vitamin C, Tri-Peptide and Hyaloronic Acid! Everything your skin needs on a daily basis!
  • GLORIFY YOUR FACE & HYDRATE YOUR SKIN: Is your face looking a little bit meh? No more worries! Drench with this fast acting Purlev anti aging serum and find your peace of mind again. Bring back the lost brightness. Restore the pH balance of your skin and enjoy a luminous and radiant face from now! You deserve it after all.
  • ERGONOMIC & COMPACT BOTTLE: Our age defying pure silk serum comes in a wonderful and practical 1 Oz (30ml) airless pump bottle for accurate dosage. It is compact and fits anywhere you want. Your makeup bag, travel bag, suitcase and even your tote bag. Freshen up even on the go and make all eyes stare at you.

This is the best thing I have found for a anti wrinkle cream,  and I tested a lot of creams for wrinkles.  The way it makes your skin feel is so awesome that you will want to keep using it.  You get maximum results when you use it and  maximum potency in the bottle. And packed with vitamin C so it’s super good for your skin.







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