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I really like this scale and it is easy to bluetooth it to the app.  You have to step on it bear footed so it can check your body fat  BF 1 body fat analyzer.  You step on the scale and it will weigh you instantly and a second later it will show on the app.

First we will talk about the scale and then the app.

The company that makes this is called  ADAM they make a ton of electronics and so on. But we’re here about the the scale. Adam Elements Adam Elements


It is a nice and sleek and black. The lines are what Measure, Monitor Weight, BMI, Body Fat, Muscle, Bone Mass, Body Water & BMR.   There is a button on the back to switches it from pound to kg.  It also takes 4 “AAA” batteries


It is very easy to read as you can see.  When you step on the scale the bluetooth connection will flash and  you will see a BIA (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis ) and that is when it will be sending it to your app.  When the battery is low the battery sign will flash.

The  app  GO HEALTHY  can be used with android and apple phones.



Once you download the app you will have set up account  and login it is FREE.  It is super easy to get it working an setup.



This is how you log in and you can have as many guest as you want. And it keep it all separate and not mix them up.  Here are some of the things you need to fill out to do your profile. ( for women it will help you with water weight and so on when you are on your period )


Once you have made your profile you will see this and I will walk you threw it. Since we have the scale you will click on the BF1 BODY FAT ANALYZER.  That will take you to the scale and it will bluetooth it to your phone when you stand on it.




Then your Profile will look like this.

This has me and steve as a guest. Once on here you will go to the weight on the dashboard and  step on the scale.


Then you will come to this page on your app. This shows you be for and after you weight in.

The history :  will keep track of every time you weigh yourself and keep all the contents

The check :  for your weight body fat and BMI (Body Mass Index)

The trend :  will show you when you start to lose or gain weight.


The goal :  you set what you want to be your goal weight.

The reminder :  It will remind you to weigh yourself at a certain time if you want.


And that is the scale and the app. It is super easy to use together and you do not need to pair your phone to the scale. The app will automatically bluetooth to the scale.  No more guessing at your bmi, body fat and all that this will do it all for you. And you can have multiple user on app. Can be used with android and or apple phone.

  • ✔ DON’T BE DISAPPOINTED IN YOUR HEALTH OR BODY SHAPE – Whether trying to lose a few extra pounds or training for a triathalon, the BF1 bathroom smart scale helps you track your progress by accurately measuring your body weight, BMI (Body Mass Index), body fat, muscle and bone mass, body water and BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate).
  • ✔ STUCK IN ON AGAIN, OFF AGAIN DIETS AND EXERCISE ROUTINES? – Don’t go it alone. Sometimes getting into a routine can be really tough without support, that’s why the BF1 supports multiple users. So you, your friends, family or even your team mates can support and encourage each other towards personal fitness and lifestyle goals.
  • ✔ DON’T HAVE A TEENAGE KID IN THE HOUSE TO FIGURE OUT THE CONNECTING APP? – No worries, the include GoHealthy app and AppleHealth auto connects to your smart phone, iphone, android or device instantly with step on technology via bluetooth and it’s so simple and intuitive that we guarantee anyone can use it.
  • ✔ HAVE YOU FAILED BEFORE WITH TRYING TO GET BACK INTO SHAPE OR HAVE HIT A PLATEAU IN YOUR TRAINING? – Whether you’re just trying to get off the couch or pushing the your upper limits, performance tracking is key to motivation, fitness and performance breakthroughs. Your stats will automatically appear in the GoHealthy app on your smartphone where it’s stored and trends can be analyzed, letting you focus on the right training.


Price:  49.00  free shipping with amazon prime.  GO HEALTHY  APP IS FEE 


Hashtag : #smartscale #adamelements





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