Vitality Anti-Aging Serum

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I am always looking for anti -wrinkle cream to keep me looking younger.  I do like this product and it does work good.  It is a watery when pumping it out but a little goes a long way.  It does soak in nicely and super hydrates my face. How you can feel it working is when it drys there is a small light tightening feeling you get when it drys.  But it is not uncomfortable.  You use this 2x day and it will last you 30 days.  I love the fact that it is all natural. I feel safe using it on my face.


Herbal Extracts: (Angelica Root, Licorice Root, Euphoriae, Radix Polygoni Multiflori, White Peony, Ginseng, Wild Pansy, Szechwan Lovage Root) Aloe Vera, Water, Glycerin (Plant sources), Caprylyl Glycol, Potassium Sorbate, Hyaluronic Acid, Xanthan Gum (Fermented Sugar), Green Tea Extract (Camellia Sinensis), Natural Lemongrass Fragrance, Tocopheryl Acetate & Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Jade Powder

  • REGAIN ELASTICITY & TONE – Licorice Root, Ginseng & Green Tea are known to encourage collagen formation by stimulating healthy tissue growth. Bring back your youthful appearance and even texture with our fast acting, quickly absorbing anti-aging serum
  • DEEP HYDRATION & PLUMPNESS – Enriched with Hyaluronic Acid our most exclusive herbal formula will quickly and naturally absorb into your skin, providing deep hydration, preventing and reducing the signs of pre-mature aging
  • NATURALLY REDUCE STRESS & ENVIRONMENTAL DAMAGE – You can slow down the aging process with our award winning traditional oriental medicinal facial formulas. Guaranteed you will see and feel the difference! Nothing compares
  • SPA QUALITY SKIN care- Since 2003 Jadience has developed spa-quality skin care body care& wellness products for Luxury Spas worldwide. Now you too can experience what the professional estheticians use to enhance their facials.

anti-aging serum is safe for your entire face including the eye area. Works exceptionally well in reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Give it a week and we guarantee you will see and feel the difference!

Our highly active concentrate of herbs hydrates, protects, and visibly firms the skin. The anti-aging and anti-oxidant properties of this formula strengthen, rejuvenate and nourish the skin, promoting cellular regeneration to keep your skin looking young and refreshed.

Key ingredients, such as Angelica Root & Radix Polygoni Multiflori provide deep hydration and reduce the signs of aging. Euphoriae, White Peony, & Szechwan Lovage Root provide anti-aging properties and rejuvenate skin cells. Green Tea Extract (Camellia Sinensis) is a well known anti-oxidant that protects the skin from oxidative stress and environmental damage.

Jadience combines the healing power of the Jade stone with our exclusive blend of healing herbs to safely remove dead skin cells, and destroy free radicals. This rare blend of All-Natural, Wild-Harvested Adaptogenic herbs is designed to protect, promote and maintain your skin.

Rooted in Oriental Medicine this secret formula was once used by Asian Royalty to promote truly radiant health and beauty. Today, having the herbal mastery to harness the highly effective powers of adaptogenic herbs and micro-pulverized jade powder, all of our products are designed for maximum effectiveness.

Jade has purifying and harmonizing properties. Adaptogenic herbs are unique from other herbs in that they have the ability to help the body maintain optimal homeostasis.

Made in USA. Hypoallergenic, Non-Comedogenic, No Parabens, Phthalates, Mineral Oils, Harsh Alcohols, Color & Dyes, Vegan, Non-GMO, Gluten Free.

The price range

.17 fl oz  $12.95,     1.75 fl oz  $ 34.95,   1.92 fl oz  $38.95,         (1.75 fl oz in the picture)






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