Fitness Tracker – Smart Bracelet with Activity Tracker, Sleep Monitor, Calories and Steps Counter

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I love all the different things this fitness tracker can do. It is so freaking cool and I hope I can show how cool this thing is.  It has so many different things on it that it it crazy.  I know fitness trackers just keep getting better and better every time they come out.   This is easy to set up and Bluetooth it to your phone.  Within 30 sec. you will be on your way to better healthy you in no time.  This is touch screen and you have to download a app for it.  The app. is ( VERY FITPRO )  This has several different settings for different things.  These are those different modes.

  • Weather forecast
  • Heart rate
  • Activity tracking
  • Sleeping tracking
  • Message alert
  • Call alert
  • Silent alarm
  • Music control
  • Remote shutter – camera
  • Watch faces
  • Reminders to move
  • Connected GPS

I will show you all of those on the face of the fitness tracker.  I wanted to try this for all of the cool features on it and to track my steps.


This is how you turn it off to charge it, and all you have to do is plug it to a phone charger and you’re done.  Here are some pictures on how to charge it.

Then plug it into the wall and you’re good to go it will take a few min to charge.  If you have a USB charge on your computer then you charge your fitness tracker there to. It is easy to pop out the the tracker out of the bracelet and easy to pop in to.

It will come with 2 bracelets one black and 1 red like here.

It is easy to switch them out to. Waterproof
Whether you’re taking a shower or swimming in the pool, sea or ocean, the fitness watch will work flawlessly.  I have not tested this out in the water yet but will soon



This shows 2 different types of weather.  Left what the weather is now and the time.  Right you get what the high will be and if you press and hold it it will tell you the next 2 days weather for.  If you swipe up or down you move to different modes and things.



Here are the different apps under the more option

you have your clock, vibration on the wrist, alarm clock, heart rate, total hours of sleep, bluetooth and so much more.  You just touch the one you want and go from there.

You also get :








You simply set it to the activity you are doing and your set it will count your calories and time and so on all in 1.  Some of the activities are :

  • ridding
  • running
  • walking
  • badminton
  • baketball
  • skiing
  • football
  • volleyball
  • fittness
  • yoga
  • roller skatting
  • hiking
  • rowing
  • swimming
  • dancing

to name a few so you just set it and forget it on what sport you’re doing and that is it.


It is adjustable to your wrist it will fit any size wrist


Track everything 
From the number of steps and daily distance to heart rate and calories – this fitness watch gets what you cover.

14 training modes
We give you plenty to choose from: fitness, running, walking, yoga, riding, dancing, football, tennis, basketball, badminton, climbing, treadmill, hiking, spinning.

Smart notifications 
Smart band will also notify you of everything you need to know: calls and SMS alerts, reminders to move, heart rate, burnt calories, number of steps etc.

Weather forecast
Never get caught off guard in the rainy or cold weather with the smart weather forecast feature. Watch local weather right in your fitness tracker.

Meditation and relaxation
Take off the strain of daily stress with smart watch by Bitzen. Our breathing guide will help you to stay calm, positive and productive throughout the day.

Call and SMS notifications 
Stay in touch with your daily needs and easily accept or decline calls via your smart bracelet. Get instant alerts about all messages received.

Alarm clock
Analyze quality and phases of your sleep with smart band and set the alarm clock at the right time of your sleeping phase to wake up full of energy.

Whether you’re taking a shower or swimming in the pool, sea or ocean, the fitness watch will work flawlessly.


This has everything you could possibly imagine and want on a fitness tracker.  So far out of testing at least 5. This is my #1 favorite with all of it’s cool stuff on it from, tracking how far you swam to how many hours you slept.  It really has it all.  I have NOT found 1 thing bad about this fitness  tracker. The more I use it the more I like it.  This can be used for IOS or ANDROID.  The app you have to download is free and the name of the app is ( VERY FIT PRO ). 

Price $ 39.99  it is worth it


  • app is free
  • different modes
  • weather, gps, heart rate, track sleeping, etc.
  • different tracking modes, walking, swimming,riding, roller skating, etc
  • and so much more
  • good price $ 39.99


                                            WHERE TO GET IT ? HERE :  AMAZON


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