Focus Coconut Oil Hair Serum (3 Pack)

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I wanted to try this on my hair since it so hard to brush through.  And it is so thick and coarse. It work wonders on my hair.  You only need a few pumps and you’re good.  I LOVE THE SMELL.  It smells just like a cocoa butter.  This serum made my hair so easy to work with brushing it was so much easier. When my hair dried it was so shiny, nice and smooth.  Infused with Raw Virgin Olive Oil, Sweet Almond, Keratin, Aloe and Algae Extract – Rejuvenate, Strengthen and Restore Hair to Natural Beauty.

This is the before and after  picture of using the oil


nice and soft and easy to brush you can see and feel the difference. You put this in your hair after you get out of the shower and slightly dry it and then put in the oil.  And boom you got nice shiny manageable hair.

This product is perfect for anybody who want’s that perfect hair and want it to look shiny.  You get at salon look but cheaper and without leaving your home.  I would recommend this to anyone.

The price is a little high for a 1.69 fl. oz but well worth the price and for this you get 3 with this deal.  The price for the 3 pack is $ 34.99 

  • FORGET THE HAT, TIME TO SHOW YOUR BEAUTIFUL HAIR: Adding heat to your hair might make it look great now, but did you know? Weakening the hair’s core will eventually lead to damaged or broken hair. This amazing serum is the food your hair needs to grow strong and beautiful in the healthiest way.
  • NO MORE SPONGE-HAIR FLUFFYPANTS: Humidity can have serious effects on hair, but this incredible formula can keep frizz and flyaways under control. Unlike most serums, ours works on thin and thick hair without the greasy results. Your hair will not be fluffy not greasy and baby hairs will stay put.
  • HEALTHY HAIR WITH NATURE’S HELP: Stop damaging your hair with harsh chemicals. Focus Coconut Oil Hair Serum is made with all-natural ingredients. Coconut oil, sweet almond, olive oil, aloe and keratin work together to restore your hair’s natural beauty.
  • GREAT FOR ALL TYPES OF HAIR: Damaged hair can happen to anyone and Focus Hair Serum works great on straight and curly hair. And more important, it works on women and men as well! Even on beards!



  • It gives you shine you always wanted
  • repairs damaged hair
  • for all hair type
  • all natural



                                                     WHERE TO GET IT ? HERE : AMAZON




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