Techfeed Night Light Wall Decals and Branch Owl Wall Stickers

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This is a double owl wall decoration one is glow in the dark.  They are both cute for kid’s room and are very colorful. Are easy to peel and stick to the wall and will stay until taken down.  Two owl wall stickers.  One of which is night light wall stickers and the other is ordinary owl wall decals.  Colors and patterns are suitable for boys and girls.  Owl is the incarnation of wisdom and auspicious little angel, it’ll bring your kids happy mood.  My 3 year old love it and has to show it off when his friends come over.


This is just as cute as can be. I was surprised on how small it was it looked so much bigger in the picture.  Environment-friendly PVC material,totally non-toxic and waterproof.  Enough viscosity and suitable for all smooth surfaces like tiles,glass,wood,plastic,smooth walls.  Perfectly suitable for bedroom, games room, children’s room, home, kitchen, mirrors, windows.  


These are super cute night ones.  The only thing I was not happy about was they do not glow in dark very good. But we put it up at night and left the light on for 2 hours and not very bright.  The sun did a little better but didn’t get a picture.  For it to be super bright it needs direct sunlight for hours for it to really light up.  But every room is different.  But still cute.

The size of the product is 12″ x 24″ on the sheet that it comes on.

Price of product $ 8.99  



  • Any age would love this
  • Can go in any room you’d like
  • bedroom, games room, children’s room, home, kitchen, mirrors, windows.  
  • sticks good to anything you put it on
  • kids will love it
  • good price





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