SNEBA 3d VR Glasses

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I love my VR headset and mine wore out so I found these and thought give this company a try .  Now for those who do not know what VR is here is the description.

Virtual reality

Virtual reality (VR) is a computer technology that uses virtual reality headsets or multi-projected environments, sometimes in combination with physical environments or props, to generate realistic images, sounds and other sensations that simulate a user’s physical presence in a virtual or imaginary environment. A person using virtual reality equipment is able to “look around” the artificial world, and with high quality VR move around in it and interact with virtual features or items. The effect is commonly created by VR headsets consisting of a head-mounted display with a small screen in front of the eyes, but can also be created through specially designed rooms with multiple large screens.

On the VR you can be used for this

  • play games
  • watch movies
  • look at maps
  • Social science and psychology
  • Altering perception, emotion and physiological state
  • Understanding bias and stereotypes
  • Healthcare and clinical therapies
  • Anxiety disorder treatment
  • Pain management
  • Education and training
  • Military uses

But mostly they are used for games and movies that is what younger adults are in to using them for. & more for access to countless games, apps and 3d adventures

What I like about this brand is you can use any phone in it. Not just 1 particular brand like some do. It makes the best vr headset to connect with your IPHONE / IOS, ANDROID, SAMSUNG, LG, HTC,.




 This comes with 2 straps one goes around and laches on the sides and has a white plate on the back.  The 2nd strap will hook into the white plate and on top of the VR to keep it on your head ( will show better pictures later ).  This velcro and it is adjustable to your liking.


The one on the left is the VRd is open and your phone goes in screen facing the glasses. this will work with any phone type ( It may not work with the otterbox or protective case on some phones) Check and see.  One the right is when the case is closed, and ready to use.



This wheel will adjust how far and how close your phone it to your eyes to adjust  to the video. This is something you will have to play around to get to your liking. This good for when you’re doing  movies and games and google maps.


IMG_20171129_104852214_wm (1)

These are for to move the lens from close together and far apart.   Welcome To The Absolute 3d Experience With SNEBA Virtual Reality Goggles Treat yourself to the ultimate 360 degree panoramic video viewing or gaming experience with the last word in individual 3d entertainment virtual reality headset!With an adjustable HD spherical resin lens to ward- off vertigo, fatigue and eliminate the need for glasses in myopic users, SNEBA vr box 3d makes an absolutely safe for your eyes device with 360 degree field of vision for the ultimate immersive viewing experience.



This is what it looks like for the front and when you are wearing it.  Lightweight and easy to adjust. My 3 year old loves to use it so it is good for any age.  I’m going to see if my parents would like to try it they have never used one before.  So that should be exciting.



This is the side profile, and you can see the strap that is going around the side of his head.  You can also see how it hooks to the side of the VR.  The 2nd strap is going over the head so it will not fall down to low this also adjustable.



This is the back of the VR  as you can see the name of the VR.  And this is where the other end of the strap will hook into the back of the headpiece and velcro to itself.  It is all self explanatory.

The Kit Includes:1 * VR Box1 * English Manual1

Price is $ 22.99




  • this is for any age group
  • can be used with any phone ( android, Iphone, etc )
  • easy to put the straps on and use
  • light weight
  • good price



                      WHERE TO GET IT ?  HERE  :  AMAZON


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