Large Super Soft Blue Whale Shark Plush

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I seen this and had to get it for my 3 year son and he loves it.  And now he get’s to product test something just like mom.  He insisted we call it destiny from the movie dory,  so we did.  As you can see this whale shark is a big one when mason is holding it.  So it is a good size it is Size: 25.5”x15”x8.5”.  This is big enough to be used as a pillow in bed or for decoration  When I pulled it out of the box I was surprised how soft it was and how big it was. This does come in 2 colors BLUE , PINK.   I do have to say this is very well made nice stitching this will hold up for a long time.  It’s not cheaply made by which made me happy so it will not be falling apart anytime soon.  And it made to look real and like a toy at the same time.  The mouth is the only thing that is some what hard on the toy and it is made of cardboard to say open.

This is perfect for any age of 3 and up.  This would be good for christmas, birthday,  or just because. I would highly recommend it for any age.  It is  MASON APPROVED. 

The price is $ 30.99


                                           WHERE TO GET IT ?  HERE : AMAZON


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