Bamboo Cups for Kids and Adults

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The reason I wanted to test these was because my son wanted them when he seen them.   He loves these and they are perfect for his hands. And the right size drink for him.  They are great for outside, or poolside and or anywhere.  They are great for adults to.  What I love is that they are ABP FREE and I try to be very health conscious for my family and want the best for them.  These are also 100% natural, biodegradable, washable. ( I  DO NOT know if they are dishwasher safe  ) . #genevieveavani     

  • FAMILY FRIENDLY made from bamboo fiber and other natural materials. Totally BPA-Free and Phthalates-Free Non-petroleum based. Toddlers, Kids and Adults can all enjoy these cups. Water, juice, wine, coffee …
  • ATTRACTIVE DESIGN by Sabine Elisabeth. Light and pretty tough – so great for outdoor trips, picnics, hiking, poolside
  • HOT or COLD drinks. Non-fragile, Strong, Waterproof, Nonflammable and Dish-washer safe (but not Microwaves)
  • ECO-FRIENDLY and BIODEGRADABLE– from nature and back to nature

My son is tough on stuff so he has thoroughly tested these and they are strong and unbreakable.

When I first opened the box I was surprised how tough they were and colorful they were.  This is perfect for anyone who has kids or just for yourself.  Perfect for a little wine at the poolside or juice for a birthday party, perfect for any occasion.  I would recommend this  for anyone from adults to kids.  I love these glasses and there is nothing I  don’t dislike about them.  I was super shocked how tough they are and how child proof they are and will withstand anything.  I love the fact that they are biodegradable.  Giving back to the earth is good.

The price is $ 18.99  for 6 cups different colors 





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