SweetieSong Pocket Fetal Doppler

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I got this for a friend of mine who is 3 months pregnant, so she could hear the babies heart beat.  And she loves it and it works so well  I wish I had one when I was pregnant I would’ve loved to use it.  It is easy to assemble and use.  And it has 3  mode settings.  It also has a light to read it and a black light to read in the dark.  It is small enough to fit in your pocket to. It will come with 2  “AA” batteries.  So you can take it anywhere you want to on the go.  I was surprise how small it was and how light it was in my hand.  It comes with a easy to read manual that thrulay explains it all to you.  It also comes with a small tube of jelly for your skin you put it on then you use the probe on your tummy to hear the heartbeat better.  This is a an awesome gift for a baby shower.


This is the main part the monitor it is light weight maybe a pound or 2 and that is it.  As you can see it has first is the mode button and then  the power button and then the backlight control button.  The loudspeaker is on the front to.


This with the light on and where the number will show up.  The 1 in the top left corner you can change it to 1,2,3  for different modes.  mode  1 is for  Real-time mode.  Mode 2 is for Average mode.  Mode 3 is the system will automatically counts the audible beats. FHR will be showed in ” – – –  ” Format , and the LCD flashes heart symbol.


This is the probe you use to rub against your tummy to hear the babies heart beat. It plugs in the monitor on the bottom.  Easy to attach just plug it in.



This is what it looks like when it is all put together and ready to use. And the batteries are in and the probe it plugged in at the bottom. This is a fun little thing to use and listen to the babies heart beat, Just like at the doctor’s office.  Only you can do it at home now in between doctor visits. I had fun using this and doing a review on it .  This is the coolest thing I have did a review on and I do a ton of them on a variety of things. Hearing the heartbeat for the first time made me think of the first time I heard my son’s heart beat for the first time. It is a wonderful thing  to hear.  You can use this for any trimester during pregnancy.

  • FDA and CE Approved
    Large back-lit LCD display
    Waterproof probe
    Automatically turns off after 1 min
    3 heartbeat display modes
    Built-in speaker with volume control
    Comes with batteries and ultrasound gel
    Premium Package, perfect as a gift


This will cost you. $ 38.50  I think it is good price for such a precious gift. Like to hear a baby’s heart beat.





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