Sokiss Cordless Neck And Shoulder Massager

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This is a nice neck and shoulder massager.  What I like is you can use it standing up or sitting.  The long straps are for you to put your hands or arms in it to hold in place on your neck.  The reason why I got this is because I have aches and pains in my neck from an accident years ago.  And this works good on my neck for that.  You also can use this on your thigh, waist, abs, and the soles of your feet.  Not just your neck. It has special nipples shape massage ball offering smoothly and gentle massage.  3D massage type/warmer heating function.  Easy to use switch. Automatic timer (15 min.) .  Built in rechargeable lithium-ion battery allows complete portability.




The back is nice and smooth and will not hurt anything it touches.  Like if you lay on the couch with it or in bed.



This is where you turn it on and off, turn the heat on and off.  And you can make it circulate in different directions ( clockwise and counterclockwise ).  It will not get hot but it get’s nice and warm and cozy.  All easy to do with one push

This also comes with 2 plugins one for the house and in the car. I have used this in the car on long trips and love it.  It takes 5 hours to charge and while it is charging it flashes red when it is done charging it will stop flashing.


This is me using it and showing how it fits on your shoulders and neck.  As you can see it is easy to use.  It’s light in weight to.


  • light in weight
  • use in multiple places not just on the neck
  • has heat and moves in clockwise and counterclockwise
  • easy to use
  • house and car plug in
  • automatic turn off

This will cost $ 79.99 but it is worth it




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