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These are neat lights and my son love to use them as night light, and I like to use them for decorations.  And just little light in the dark at night in living room while watching tv. I wanted to use these for pumpkins for when we carve them instead of candles.  What I like the most about these is they are not hot and will not get warm or start fires.  So my son is safe around them.  There are 24 in a box so you get a lot.  My honest reaction when I got these how cute they were  and how bright they were when you turn them on. And I love how they flicker like a real candle and are smoke free.

IMG_20171023_092801257_wm (1)

They are bright and flicker like a real candle. They DO NOT get hot or warm so they are safe to leave on. In any room. Or leave on for hours at a time.



You also get 24 decorative wraps for 24 candles you get 3 colors.



This is what they look like when on the candle. They look so pretty and they come with the candles. They are super easy to put together. And look so elegant and pretty



This doses use a battery a large hearing aid battery. The battery number you need to replace is ( CR2032 ) . You can get them at walmart or amazon.  And they are super easy to replace.

You can use these for :

  • decorations
  • night lights
  • romantic lights
  • pumpkins (instead of candles)

There was nothing that I disliked about them I love them, and love the fact that you get 24 in a box. They are reuseable and the battery is easy to find to replace. And how it flickers like a real candle.  What I really like is that they are kid safe.

kid safe :

  • not hot
  • not warm
  • wont start a fire
  • smoke free


HASHTAG :  #tealightcandles






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