Scary Bloody Footprints – Floor Decals

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These bloody foot print caught my eye for halloween. I was so excited to get them in the mail and can’t wait to use them.  I thought they were cool and could use them outside for the kids to follow to the door for candy.  I like the fact you get 16 foot prints so you can do a lot with that. They are the size 7 womans foot.  You could use these for a halloween game or for clues. Or use them on the bathroom floor, I think that would be cool. Strongly adhere to concrete, tile, and linoleum floors.  They are clear when you take them off the sheet but look so good on the floor. It really looks real.  What I don’t like is it’s a 1 time use and that’s it so if you want to keep them for a while stick them and leave them.   You can mob over these or use a broom it won’t hurt them, and they will stay stuck to the floor.  Or wherever you want to use them.  This perfect for any halloween buff or just to have fun with friends and family.  I say this is worth it and a cool idea.


This what they look like on my wood floors they are very bright and noticeable.  Stick very well and easy to apply and take off.  I would definitely recommend this to anybody who likes to have fun or just for halloween.  I would say this solved my halloween problem for outdoors.

Price is $ 7.99 with amazon prime and that is a good price I think for 16 foot prints.  But remember they are not reusable.





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