Agvee Micro USB Cable Charging Cable for Android

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You get 4 phone chargers and they come in different sizes. 2 that are 6ft 1 that is 3 feet and on that is 1 foot.  They have a gold plated connector, with braided nylon black and grey.  it’s impossible to damage it by hand. They but them threw a series of tests like Bending test, Salt Spray Test, High-Low temperature Test, Plug Test, etc, to ensure 100% safety for your device and a pleasant experience.  So Strong: Premium high quality nylon braided. Enough tinned pure copper wire ensure rapid charging and oxidation resistance. Measured loop resistance less than 280mΩ. Measured voltage drop less than 0.6V when current is 2.4A. Pass 8000 times bending test: Bend angle 120°, load 1 kg weight(Standard cable:1200 times). Material and Process: High temperature resistant LCP ensure complete safety.  Connector are gold-plated, which makes it has good conductivity and corrosion resistance, greatly improving the cable life.  Aluminum alloy shell by micro-arc oxidation process makes the surface harder and more wearable.  Work with: Most Android and Windows phones, tablets and many other devices including Samsung / Nexus / Blackberry /Moto / Nokia / LG / Sony / HTC / PS4 / Xbox / PS Vita / Nintendo DS / GPS devices / battery packs / bluetooth speakers / hard drives.

As you can see it is built to last and take a lot of abuse. This is one of the companies I like and like their phone chargers they last a long time. And will not corrode and get rusty and gross.

IMG_20171016_095427721 (1)

You can plug this into your computer like i do.  That’s when the 1 foot plug in comes in handy. And these are fast chargers, so your phone will charge fast. I like to use the 6ft next to my bed the longer, the cord you can be on your phone and not damage it.  The smaller the cord the faster it charges and if you are on your phone while charging,  with a small cord it will ruin the charging presses and your phone.

This cost $ 8.20 for all 4 of them




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