Thermometer, Dual Mode Ear & Forehead Thermometer,

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– Dual Mode Measurement: This infant thermometer combines with the functions of a forehead thermometer and an ear thermometer (suitable for 3 months or above infants). Also support to get ambient temperature. Switch between either modes in just a touch of a button. A large and clear LCD Display makes it super easy to read!
– Intelligent Fever Warning: When the reading exceed 99.5˚F / 37.5℃, the body thermometer will warn the user with 10 rapid and short beeps & the display turning RED. It applies to all age groups who are suffering from a fever!

This is super easy to use in the ear or on the forehead. It is also easy to read.

The one on the left has a picture of an ear, so it goes in the ear.                                                The one on the right is a picture of a face, so you use it on the forehead. You put it up to our forehead or in your ear, and press the button and wait for a beep.

It is green when ready to use and will turn red, and beep 10x if you have a fever.


on the left it has the lid to use on your forehead. One the right is without the lid you use that in your ear.


IMG_20170919_173241423 This is where the batteries go it does with batteries. they are AA’s

This can be used for kids or adults, it is easy to use and gives a accurate reading.


This will cost you $ 20.00




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