AOSTAR Motion Activated Toilet Night Light with UV Sterilization

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This toilet light has a automatic motion sensor, and it will only turn on in the dark. It has a auto -off so it will only stay on for 2 min, and it won’t waist your batteries. This takes 3 (AAA) batteries. It also has UV sterilization light with 2 modes. It’s easy to put on the toilet.

You just wrap the white wire around the bowl and it will stay in place. You can set it for 1 color or just let it circulate through all the colors.

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And here are some of the colors I got pictures of. This is bright at night.

This is good for little kids, or older adults who get up in the night. Like it so I don’t have to turn on the light.


▶Are you annoyed by the blinding light when using your bathroom at midnight?

▶▶Are you worried to get infected by the horrible bacteria and virus in the toilet?

★★AOSTAR UV sterilization toilet light is doubtlessly a good choice to slove your bathroom problems at night!

Live a Healthier Life
UV sterilization lamp can kill almost all bacteria in the toilet, keep you bowl cleaner and safer, guard your family’s health.

Make Potty Training Funny
The toilet night light is motion-activated and light-sensitive, you no longer need to turn on the blinding light at midnight, and no more stumbling around in darkness!

Multi-color Changing
Press the button to set a single color or to let 8 colors rotate, 120 seconds overall for one cycle. Note: The toilet light only activates in darkness.

Fix Any Toilets
The Soft PVC Arm is much flexible that enables it to fit any toilets and will stay in place forever. AAA batteries make it more eco-frinedly and easy to reuse.

Daytime Mode
During the day, you can press the button for 2 seconds to turn on the UV light to sterilize. And press 2 seconds to turn it off. Please note: Daytime mode includes all visible white lights.


1. Light Source: LED
2. Material: ABS Plastic
3. Voltage: 4.5V
4. Power: 0.1W
5. Battery: 3 x AAA Batteries (Not included)
6. Special function: Motion Activated, Motion Sensor, light sensitive fits for any toilet
7. Sensing Range: 2-3 meters (6-9 feet)
8. Product Size/Weight: 6.8*6.7*1.7cm, 0.04kg
9. Package Size/Weight: 7*5*8.5cm, 0.06kg

This will cost $ 9.00 



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