BOffer Scuba Diving Knife

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What I like about this knife is it is rust proof you can use it for anything from camping to scuba diving.  hiking, rafting, boating, hunting, rescue, spearfishing, snorkeling, kayaking outdoor camping or rope, fishing line cutting. Also as tactical boot knife used on land, forests. It is a 440 Stainless Steel Blade. There are 2 different materials used to make a diving knives: titanium and steel. The titanium dive knives are incredibly strong and very resistant to corrosion so it will not rust at all. BOffer knife is 400 alloy, cheap, easy to sharpen use sharpener, need maintenance to prevent them from rusting. The best dive knives can have a fixed blade or a folding blade. The BOffer knives with a fixed blade come with a Nylon sheath to store it safely. The advantage of this type of blade is you to take it out with hand. Straight and Serrated Shape of Blade divers knife. Straight and Serrated Shape of Blade divers knife.


This is the carrying case you get with your knife. It is a nice heavy duty case. It also comes with a band. ( pictured below )


you can attach the knife anywhere you want to on our body. Sheath for Leg, Arm, Tank, BCD. Where to attach your dive knife has been a hot topic among divers in the recent years.Traditionally,the most used place has been to carry the dive knife on the lower leg(opposite to the dominant hand).The disadvantage of placing it on the leg is it can easily get entangled with things underwater while diving.These days,more and more divers carry their diving knives on their BCDS.This way you never forget it on the boat and it’s easier to reach in case you need it.

This is a nice knife for someone who likes to hunt or camp. Even a nice birthday present.

This w cost you $ 11.29 .




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