Samsung Galaxy S8 Screen Protector Tempered Glass with free case

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This is a screen protector for a SAMSUNG GALAXY S8 PLUS .  And this is all you get with it.

  1. screen cover
  2. cleaning cloth
  3. dust remover
  4. 1-wet cloth
  5. 1-dry cloth



First I talk about the screen saver.


The screensaver is a premium glass 3d hot bending . It is a high transparency for easy to see your screen. The hardness of the screen protector is a 9H+ that means the premium glass is super hard and it’s anti-shatter proof so if you drop your phone it’s safe . It is all so scratch resistance. It has a delicate touch so you will not have a problem navigating and pressing apps it super sensitive to touch. It has a Oleophobic coating on it and that means   Resistant to oil. An oleophobic coating helps repel much of the natural oil from the finger when touching the screen.




These are the things you’ll get clean your phone to add the tempered glass your phone.

  1. Clean your phone with the alcohol wipe and with the blue microfiber cloth
  2. Use the dust remover sticky side down and lightly tap your phone to get the dust off
  3. Peel the backing off of the tempered glass and make sure you align it up to your phone so it is even sand stick to the phone
  4.  Make sure there are no bubbles so press the for the inside out to the sides.
  5. If you do have bubbles it will disappear in 48 hours so let it set


This will cost you $ 11.99



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