Multi Voltage Switching Replacement Power AC Adapter

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The plugin has a different voltage for whatever you want to plug in.  It comes with a silver key to change the voltage you want to use.

This is the key you will use to change the voltage on the plug in.



These are the voltage / plugins for your product you want to plug in. Whatever you want to plug in check the voltage and on the product and add the correct plug in. And turn the orange power adjuster to the correct voltage and plug it into the wall.

Output: 3V/2A(max), 4.5V/3A(max), 5V/3A(max), 6V/3A(max), 7.5V/3.2A(max), 9V/2.66A(max), 12V/2A(max). Power: 24W Max.

Connector dimension: 3.0×1.0mm, 2.5×0.7mm, 4.8×1.7mm, 3.5×1.35mm, 5.5×2.5mm, 5.5×2.1mm, 4.0×1.7mm, Micro USB





You also get a nice bag to carry it all in.



This is will cost you $ 10.99




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