Vivo Per Lei Milk Cleanser

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This face cleanser will leave your face nice and smooth. What I like about it is how clean it leaves my face and it will give you a deep clean.  It also has Vitamin C + Amino acid for acne and blackheads and especially wrinkles.  I notices a difference within 3 days of using it 2 times a day.  I made my face look cleaner and even out the tones in my face.

HOW TO USE :  Squeeze a dime size into your hand. massage into wet skin until a rich lather is achieved. Rinse clean.

You’ve had a hard day and so has your skin. While you were walking around all day, your skin was keeping a track record of every piece of dirt, grime, and environmental pollution you encountered. Remember that bus you were walking behind? Your skin does, and it’s wearing the evidence.

That’s why, when you come home and cleanse, you don’t want to cleanse, you want to super cleanse. You need to get every trace of grease and debris off your face before they begin to penetrate, causing clogged pores, blemishes, and irritation. You need the Vivo Per Lei Milk Cleanser.

This milk cleanser is specially formulated to lather into rich foam, going deep into pores to clean away all the traces of grease, debris, dirt and oil, leaving your skin feeling clean and beautiful.

If you want to know more you can go to the site. 




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