Luxurious Waterproof Bed Wetting Pad

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My 3 year old like to use this like a sleeping bag  he thinks he camping in his room. And at the same time it’s protecting his bed incase he might have an accident.  It’s made but a company called THE DRY BED WIZARD. This fits bed size twin through queen. This is also machine washable WATERPROOF BED WETTING PAD HELPS KEEP THE ENTIRE BED DRY – It protects the mattress, top and bottom sheets, blankets and comforter from bed wetting accidents. PATENT PENDING, WASHABLE AND FITS TWIN-QUEEN. It is designed to enable the bed wetter to remove the wet waterproof mattress pad using built in handles, change PJs and climb back into a dry bed. REPLACES WATERPROOF SHEETS AND BOTTOM ONLY BEDWETTING PADS. Larger than a typical waterproof bedwetting mattress pad, each size fits twin through queen beds and has “sticky wings” made with jersey material so they don’t pull loose in the night. LUXURIOUS, SOFT, COZY AND INVITING, the Dry Bed Wizard is a waterproof bedwetting pad everyone loves to sleep in, even after outgrowing bedwetting.  

This is comes in 2 sizes and they are :

  • 60″h x 36″w w/two 24″ wings.
  • 30″h x 36″w w/two 24″ wings.

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This the back of it and this blue backing will keep your kids bed from getting wet at night. And the wings wrap around the the bed so it doesn’t slip or fall off so it stays in place.

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This will cost you $ 24. 95

The company called makes these waterproof bedding go check out their site.




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