Pedi-Pamper Foot Peeling Home Kit

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This is nice and you only get 2 booties for the whole 7 day foot peel. I wish you got 7 of them so you have 1 for each day. These are a 1 size fits all. They are very moist inside the bootie and you leave them on for 60-70 mins. Then take them off scrub your feet.


You have to cut open the bootie and then slip your foot inside. Use the strips they give you to hold the bootie closed for the 60-70 mins. This will not sting or burn it has a funky smell to it.


Once you have the booties on then put socks on, to make it nice and warm. And it will work a little better.



This is when I just took off the bootie and started scrubbing, you can see all the dry skin starting to come off. You really have to scrub for it to come off. And do that for 7 days.

This will make your feet feel so good, and get rid of those calluses.

The Pedi-Pamper Foot Peel Mask is designed to gently remove the dead, dry skin on your feet by using gentle fruit acids. You can expect to see soft beautiful feet in only 7days (10 days if your feet are extremely dry). Be amazed as you see your dry dead skin peel away from your feet leaving you with soft smooth skin underneath.  It is important to remove the dry skin from you feet in winter and summer to prevent build up and extremely hard calluses that can end up being painful. The Pedi-Pamper Foot Peel Mask does this for you easily and pain free: Here Are 5 More Reasons You’ll LOVE Your Foot Peel Baby Foot Mask.

1. EASY TO USE: Callus shavers are a hassle to deal with and they can leave your feet aching with painful nicks and cuts. Using our baby foot mask to give yourself gorgeous new feet is as easy as slipping on a pair of socks!

2. FAST RESULTS: If you’ve been hiding your feet for months or longer, you’ll be delighted by how quickly you see results. Simply apply, soak, and rinse your feet and marvel at your new baby soft feet in 10 days or less!

3. SALON QUALITY AT HOME: The 6 powerful plant-based extracts and 5 alpha hydroxy acids included in this premium foot peel formula mean you’ll enjoy a spa quality foot care treatment from the comfort of your own home!

4. LOOK GOOD, FEEL CONFIDENT: Finally, at last, you can wear your favorite open shoes, sandals, and flip flops without worrying about your embarrassing calluses. Just think of how much more fun trips to the beach or special nights out will be with your new, baby soft feet!

5. MAKES A GREAT GIFT: Do you know someone who is plagued by cracked heels and thick calluses? Watch their eyes light up and a smile spread from ear to ear when you give them their very own Foot Peel Baby Foot Mask!

I like this and it does work well this will be on my wishlist for christmas.

  • FAST, EASY, AND COMFORTABLE: Regardless of the fact that the callus on your feet and toes is as hard as leather this baby foot exfoliating peel will work for you. The creation of this foot peeling disposable mask incorporates cream acids which promote effective peeling of dead cells; simply apply and let the foot mask peel do its work. No scrubbing, no agony, simply pleasant smooth feet.
  • SPA EXPERIENCE AT HOME: To de-stress and get flawless feet without spending much utilize finding socks this exfoliate mask at home. Delicate peel off foot mask substance designed with skin smoothing and moisturizing ingredients to dispose obviously, dull and dead skin and calluses to leave your feet gentler like a baby.
  • CONCENTRATED PEELING EFFECT: This glycolic foot peel is best foot care available for dry skin deep exfoliation. The strong scent is based from the 6-powerful plant based extracts and 5 alpha hydroxy acids in this premium skin peel mask. These ingredients are working to give you the youthful, delicate, smooth and attractive feet that you crave.

So if you have bad dry cracked feet or awful callused feet this is for you. All those hours you spend on your feet at work. Now you can relax at home while taking care of your tired feet. Even men can use this if they want nice soft feet.

This will cost  1 pack is $ 14.80                                                                                                                                       2 pack is $19.99

                                                               WHERE TO GET THIS  ? HERE
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