Inflatable Pillows for Camping

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  • Comfortable and Convenient 
    It is only requires 3-5 breaths to inflate and deflation is in seconds.
    The air pillow conforms perfectly to the curve of head and neck, ensure you a comfortable sleep.
  • Air Adjustment
    The black button in the valve is a switch, you can click it to hold air or release air. It allow you easily adjust the air to your comfort level by letting some out and easily add some back.
  • Tiny Storage Case
    This pillow is easy to pack and storage with it’s little case. The deflate size is so small that you could take it wherever you go.



This has a little button inside to stop the air from coming out while airing it up. You press it into let the air in and out, pop the button up and the air will NOT come out. It is super easy to work. And last you snap it shut to keep it tight and the air in.

This is about the size of a small pillow, it don’t take much to blow up. It will stay for days mine stayed for a week then I let it out. You can use this for camping or in the car for the passenger to sleep or kids in the back seat. Let the kids take this on a sleepover to a friends house.






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