Non Toxic Chalk Marker Set

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These are liquid chalk markers

The colors are:

  • silver
  • red
  • white
  • orange
  • purple 
  • mustard yellow
  • pink
  • green
  • light maroon 
  • yellow
  • blue

These are nice and thick and a bold colors and can be used on.

  • metal
  • glossy broad
  • LED board
  • Plastic
  • Glass
  • non-porous surfaces
  • whiteboard

These also come with 8 chalkboard  stickers. They are.

  • non toxic
  • water based
  • easy wipe off
  • for kids 3 years+
  • fast dry
  • reversible tip

They are super easy to use 3 steps and they are

  1. PUSH-Hold marker tip vertically. Press tip slightly to release pressure
  2. SHAKE- Shake well with the cap on in an upright position. Remove cap ready for use.
  3. PUSH. Press down on tip for a few seconds until it fills with ink. Recap tightly after each use and store at room temperature.


My husband is a welder and likes to use these for marking on steel. So there is a ton of things you use for. Or doodling  on a chalkboard.


Liquid chalk markers for family fun!

Liquid chalk markers are hugely versatile and allow you to write or draw on a range of non-porous services, such as windows or mirrors, without leaving a permanent mark*.

Our customers love the product and use them in very different ways, such as:

  • decorating windows for halloween, wedding and other events

  • writing reminders on fridges

  • aiding business presentations

  • leaving love notes on mirrors

Your PERFECT Chalk Markers Are Here & Just Waiting To Be Used. How Will You Use Your Markers? So what makes The Cat’s Colors different ?? We have gone to great lengths to source the greatest quality marker pens that not only have the exclusive ROSE GOLD but a NEW revolutionary cap which to expand the lifespan of these markers. Our customers love them and use them in a variety of ways. -Decorating windows for halloween, birthdays, weddings, 4th July and other events. -Writing daily tasks and reminders on fridges. Aiding business presentations and making your business stand out whether it’s a window display or a restaurant menu. Leaving romantic notes on the mirror for your loved one. ★Reversible Tip ★Non Toxic ★SAFE FOR KIDS ★EASY CLEAN★ ROSE GOLD MARKER ★New Revolutionary Cap ★ 8 REUSABLE Chalkboard Labels Try our Chalk Markers  BUY NOW AND UNLEASH YOUR CREATIVE SIDE.




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