Comfortable Zipper Vented Platform Sneaker

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You can’t tell in this picture but the shoe is long and pointed. Not very comfy but to put on and take the trash out is good or a quick trip to the store is fine to wear them.

IMG_20170705_094602202 where the shoe strings are there is air vents. And you can see how pointy they are. They only come in full sizes.

They come with a cool zipper to zip them up. The zipper is just for looks.

It comes in 4 colors.

  • 416EXDo2LJL._SS47_.jpg  black
  • 41LIlNqDDpL._SS47_.jpg  gold
  • 41LZg9IAHzL._SS47_.jpg pink
  • 318iECjul0L._SS47_.jpg white



FLASH YOUR PERSONALITY_SNEAKER FEVER! : The Ginger Platform Sneaker is the ultimate shoe pair that will reflect your most excellent and personal style. Select the color that draws you most and instantly add an edgy but unique touch to all your outfits.

FUNCTIONAL SNEAKERS: We know you want to wear sneakers all day long. Purchase this handmade pair with supple vegan leather and lining. These sneakers are handmade from vegan leather, making this pair a bona fide earth conscious product.Retractable zipper for easy on/off. These go well with jeans, shorts, skirts, athletic wear and just about anything you can think of!

LET YOUR FEET BREATHE: A modern design with upper strappy vented slits. They are more than a finishing touch to an already impeccable design. They are a practical addition that enables your feet to breathe nicely. In addition, these sneakers have a soft lining and padded footbed, ensuring maximum comfort.

OP QUALITY TO ACCOMMODATE UNSTOPPABLE MOVEMENT AND ACTIVITY: The high quality finishing of the rubber sole helps you stay on the go throughout the day_ without suffering from aching feet at night! Their 1.5î inch platform adds extra height, making your legs look longer and leaner for all day walking comfort.

MEASUREMENT: Platform 1.5″. True to Size.





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