Infruition Sport Fruit Infused Water Bottle – 700ml

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My 3 year old is in love with this water bottle. He loves to put his favorite fruit in it and drink it all day. And he loves to take it in the car for long drives. I like to use it on long walks to the beach. You have to cut the fruit up in small pieces to fit in the infuser. It comes in different colors and those are .

  • yellow
  • coral pink
  • grey
  • green
  • mint blue
  • red
  • STAY HYDRATED – Replenish LOST Electrolytes Naturally, Flush away Toxins and Hydrate your Skin.
  • LEAK PROOF LID – Our Bottles are made from the Highest Quality, SHATTER PROOF TRITAN PLASTIC makes it super durable and rugged.
  • UNLIMITED FRUIT FLAVOURS AND OPTIONS – Slice up your Favourite fruit and Load them into the Chamber.

Made from BPA-free plastic.  Plus don’t forget, every purchase includes access to a FREE 28 day recipe plan.  complete with a weekly ingredients list approximate costs per bottle.Now there’s no need to waste money on sugar-laden drinks.  Simply slice up your favourite fruits into the infusion chamber and create your own all-natural beverage.Infruition is designed for any cool liquids and perfect for any fruits, veggies, herbs or ice.  The infusion inner cap has a hole so you can sip your drink without removal.  A colourful silicone lid fits tightly on the bottle to prevent any leaking.

Hope you enjoy this as much as my 3 year old son does.





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