Beard Brush and Wood Comb Set

 This comes with a nice black carrying bag for your come and brush. It even comes with a nice box.
  • STYLISH AND UNIQUE, LIKE YOU– All men can grow beards, but it takes a real man to turn the grizzle raccoon into a well-groomed mountain lion. Provided with 10 rows of boar bristles, Vetyon Beard Brush has just the right firmness to tame the wildest of beards without irritating your skin.
  • THE GIFT – The presentation of our beard care kit is like you, elegant and sophisticated. We have spared no expense in bringing you the perfect packaging which can also be used as a storage box. The refined design makes a statement on your shelf, and every time you pick it up, you will appreciate the finer things in life.
  • CLASSY BEARD KIT-100% BOAR BRISTLE BRUSH – Your sexy beard deserves only the best, so why use scratchy nylon to groom it? Each bristle in the brush naturally varies in length, gripping your beard hair and taming your mane. Works great with your favorite beard oil. Spoil your bearded face with a relaxing massage using Vetyon Beard Brushes and allow its natural boar bristles help you achieve the healthy, sexy beard you’ve always dreamed of.
  • HARD, SOLID BEECH WOOD HANDLE – Bamboo is a grass, not wood. And we’ll never use bamboo for your brush. Best carpenters in the world chose beech solid wood for their master work. We choose the same for your brush. By the way, have you noticed that fine wood grain in our brush handle?
  • 10 ROW REINFORCED BRISTLES – Whether you have a short beard or a long, thick one, you deserve a beard brush for man that doesn’t shed like a dog in summer. Vetyon Beard Brush has reinforced bristles so you can groom your beautiful jaw mane without worrying about them ending up on the sink.




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