Stereo Cable / AUX Cable, Professional Auxiliary Audio Cable

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These are 2 cables one is 3.5 feet long and the other is 10 feet long. They can be used for stereo,  speakers . I use them to hook my phone or computer up to a speaker to listen to music. Very quality made and will last for a long time.

● The braiding audio cable design was inspired from US flag color and built-in with sturdy grasp of aluminum housing
● Made of 24k gold plated male connector and heavy-duty nylon braided cable (color: Red + Blue + White)
● High compatibility, the stereo extension cable can work with all the devices with standard 3.5mm aux jack
● 2Pack Stereo jack 3.5 plug-to-3.5mm sound cable length: 10ft/3M + 3.3ft/1M

Velcro strap that you can strap around the cord and keep nice, That saids I LOVE THE USA.





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