Smart Turn ON / OFF Snooze Light Sensor Digital Alarm Clock

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These are the coolest alarm clocks ever. To turn on you turn it over to on, to turn it off you flip it over to off. No worries laying in bed wondering if you turned your alarm on. Just flip it and you’re good to go. When you have flipped to on it will  beep so you know it is on. When off the will not show the picture of the alarm clock and the time the alarm is set. This is so easy to set it and forget it.

Pretty simple right ?

this one is on                                                    this one is off

The one will show the alarm like this one.          This off no alarm on.

It’s that simple.


This is the back of it and where you set the time you do in regular time or military time.

It also comes in different colors:


  1. green
  2. orange
  3. pink
  4. white
  5. blue.

Material: ABS etc Size: 4.72 in * 2.75 in * 1.37 in Weight: 120g Color: White Battery: AAA battery 2A (not included) It is recommended for those who wake up late each morning, those who are lagging behind at company meetings, important examinations, and students who are in front of lectures. Time is clearly visible on the digital LCD screen.Touch the LIGHT part of the top surface to light the screen. If you press the SNOOZE / LIGHT button on the top, the alarm sounds after 5 minutes. When the illuminance sensor is turned on, it is possible to check the time with the dim brightness when the surroundings become dark. The alarm bell will gradually accelerate to help you get up and running smoothly. (after 1 minute then stop).





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