iPhone 7 Plus Case, (Black)

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This is a super nice case and it is nice and heavy duty. If you know someone who is hard on phones then this is the protection kit for them.

this is the back of the case. And the front \ top.

  • camera hood- Reduces light flares, while enhancing picture colors and protecting camera lens.
  • anti -slip grip-  Rest easy knowing your phone is secure in your hand.
  • shock-absorbing edges-  protects your phone from drops and impacts




The glass protection is.

  • touch sensitive
  • scratch resistance
  • bubble free installation
  •  oleophobic coating




what you get in side is.

  • screen protector
  • dust remover
  • cloth
  • squeegee
  • alcohol prep pad
  • classic case (BLACK)


Fits Apple iPhone 7 Plus. Veteran phone repair engineers design SaharaCase Mobile Protection Kits as an all-in-one protection solution designed for people with on-the-go lifestyles. Rugged protection against heavy drops and impacts, without the bulk and extra weight. Cracked screens account for 90% of phone accidents, and that’s an expensive, inconvenient repair. SaharaCase Protection Kit includes our Zero Damage tempered glass screen protector for best protection against impact and scratches while providing a smooth, glass finish without reducing touch performance or screen quality. SaharaCase manufactures cases using premium shock absorbing rubberized and hard plastic materials. The case features a reinforced shock absorbing bumper, a raised bevel around the screen for increased LCD protection, precision cut-outs for easy access to side buttons and ports, while remaining lightweight and thin. With a built-in professional camera hood design, SaharaCase allows the iPhone 7 Plus to take even better pictures and videos, improving contrast and colors, while protecting the lens from scratches! SaharaCase designs premium products with several key benefits: – Manufactured using high-grade rubber and plastic materials. – Protective Kit arrives in a beautiful retail package and includes a phone case, a Zero Damage tempered glass screen protector with lifetime guarantee, tempered glass alignment tool, microfiber cloth, alcohol prep pad, dust remover, and a squeegee. – Precision edge cutouts for easy button and port access. – Premium, long-lasting finish. – Professional built-in camera lens hood enhances photos and protects the lens. – Reinforced shock-absorbing bumper. – Raised bevel around the screen. – Anti-Slip Grip Choose the SaharaCase all-in-one solution to protect your mobile device.




<a href=”https://www.tomoson.com?code=BOTTOMd9c4135046f5d6d25debcaf261c7f136&#8243; rel=”nofollow” style=”display: none;”></a>



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