HotelSpa® New Ultra-Luxury Handheld Shower with Revolutionary Push-Control (Oval Square)

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I do have to say like this shower head and all of the setting on it.  The button on on the bottom changes the setting . It has 3 settings on it and those are.


As I call the regular shower this has a good pressure  (but we don’t have good water pressure).



This is the 2nd  and it is a little more water and pressure and I really like this one a lot.



The 3rd is my favorite the waterfall tons of pressure and nice relaxing feeling

They send all the stuff you need to put it up and use it you get


hose connector and this also holds the shower head.


you  get teflon tape this for sealing so it don’t leak. You wrap this around the shower head connection before you connect the house for no leakage.


You get the hose to hook it up. Simple as that.

This is a very good shower head I would recommend this and I love it. It is so easy to put it together and use it. I say get it.



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