HP3192 Women Big Face Fashion Watch

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I love big watches that is why I buy men’s watches. But now that company has came out with a woman’s big face watch I am so excited and I love the color. I love bright colors yellow is my favorite color of all, But back to the watch this watch is water proof ( 30M )  which means you can shower and swim and wash your hands and it will still be fine.


Water Resistant 30 Meters / 3 Atmospheres / 3 Bar
If your watch claims to be water resistant to 30 meters, it actually means it’s just splash resistant. It does NOT mean the watch will be fine if you bring it 30 meters below sea level. While it’s certainly possible that your watch could survive an extremely brief trip under very careful conditions in extremely still water, you probably shouldn’t roll the dice.


This is nice and bright at night and it will really stand out, so you can read it in the dark. It will stay light for a decent amount of time.

– PRECISE TIME KEEPING. Imported Original Japan Time Module PC21S Movement provides precise and accurate time keeping. No worry about being absent from appointments or missing buses. Set once and always know what time it is. (Battery Code: SEIKO626)

– DURABLE and COMFORT PU WATCH BAND. LUMINOUS WATCH HANDS. High Quality PU watch band, soft and flexible to wear. Time is easy to read with luminous watch hands. Smooth polished alloy case makes it super durable and not easy to fade. No discomfort allowed.

– OUTSTANDING RECTANGLE FASHION CASUAL DESIGN. Affordable fashion casual dress watch with metal Time Mark, Double Locking Fold Over Clasp, PU Watch Band and Alloy Case, along with the sector design from the beginning of time display, it brings you to the leading edge of fashion. It is also a great gift for family or friends.

– WATERPROOF FOR DAILY USE. 98 FT waterproof (30 M) – 3ATM. Perfect for all kind of business, casual, indoor activities and daily use. Hand-wash, shower, swimming, no problem! NOTE: Please DO NOT pull out the button under water. Too much water contact or usage in extreme Hot or Cold temperature will shorten watch life.



AMAZON  :  https://www.amazon.com/Waterproof-Business-Scratch-Resistant-Resistant-Rectangle/dp/B06ZXWVRMX/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1493966125&sr=8-1&keywords=women+watch&m=A39BXQKUDFCLWW


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