Succulent Planter Box

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This is a light weight. Not very big hole to plant flowers it would work for herbs. I think this is super cute and nice.  This holds some water not a lot it does have a hole in the bottom for drainage. To me this seems like it would break easily.  I would use this to set in my window to look at not use it as a flower pot. More like a yard ornament then anything else

Bienvenido = welcome

in spanish  I remember that from school (ha ha)

  • Made of Environment Friendly Resin, natural material, green, protection, safety
  • Brighten up your home with the sweet garden design of these charming planter pots
  • Perfect for adding natural greenery and a decorative accent or centerpiece to any space; Just put it on your desk, bookshelf, dinning table, living room, hosting room and everywhere, look at it then have a good mood
  • Approximate Dimensions: 7.4″ L x 5.4″ H x 5.4″ W; Hole at the bottom allows soil to drain, the water doesn’t stagnate thus keeping the roots healthy






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