Activated Coconut Charcoal Powder

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Did You Know You Could Use Pitch-Black Activated Charcoal To Whiten Your Teeth Naturally? If you are like everyone else on the planet, then you probably like coffee, enjoy a glass of red wine once in a while, drink tea or sodas. And since you are like everyone else, then you must know by now that fluoride-based dental products may not only harm your teeth, but they also don’t remove stains and toxins effectively.So, is there a better way to promote healthy, strong and whiter teeth? Presenting The Rawhonest Activated Coconut Charcoal Gum Powder! Activated charcoal has been the go-to ingredient for teeth whitening, amongst other medical uses, for many years. It is a highly powerful clarifying and decontaminating agent, used to remove toxins and stains from the teeth, while preserving oral hygiene. And our exclusive powder is formulated with xylitol for brighter, cleaner and stronger teeth! No more gels, pens or strips that may cause irreversible damage to your sensitive teeth. The Raw Honest activated charcoal power is here to naturally whiten your teeth and help your smile with confidence again! Can You Afford To Miss Out On This Chance? After All, Your Smile Is Your Strongest Weapon! Charm Everyone With Your Whiter, Stronger, Brighter Teeth & Smile! Rest assured that the Raw Honest activated coconut charcoal powder is exactly what the name implies. Raw, meaning 100% natural, free of toxins, chemicals, fluoride, additives and GMO and honest, which means that it will help promote whiter and stronger teeth, just as promised! Regain your lost confidence with the most natural teeth whitening system! Everyone will be impressed by your radiant smile and your clean, white and healthy teeth! Perfect for both men and women, the activated charcoal powder can be extremely helpful in changing the pH of the mouth, killing bacteria and preserving the calcium of your teeth! Don’t Waste Any More Time! Indulge Yourself & Discover The Whitening Power Of Our Black Powder!


I like to let it set on my teeth for a few seconds then I brush and rinse. This no taste at all but your mouth will feel super clean.









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  1. I tried this and found it is ABSOLUTELY the best tooth powder I have ever used. I have not used pastes for 45 years. This made my teeth feel so clean! even at noon, after I ate lunch, my teeth still felt like I had just had them cleaned at the dentist! great stuff!


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