Tribal Style Earrings ( Fake Gauges )


These may look familiar they are from the movie ” The Girl With a Dragon Tattoo ” these are super light and fun to wear and so gothic. I love to wear these going out and just for everyday.



These are fun to wear to but a just a tad bit heavy, but fun I wear them for good when I get dressed up  and go out. If you want to get them I will leave the site to get them at the end.

Hand carved from natural materials, these tribal earrings make it look as if your ear is gauged without needing to stretch.  They are separated by a sterling silver post that pushes into the second half of the earring at the slight downward angle. The materials are used include:  sustainably harvested tropical hardwood, coconut, bone & horn. The bone & horn come from a domesticated water buffalo used for cultivation & food. To minimize waste, it is respectfully utilized for this form of art and income.






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