Naturtonix Face Wash

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Naturtonix Face Wash, Pore Cleanser and Blackhead Remover is designed especially as a cleanser and pore minimizer, and is also great as a back acne scrub. It works equally well as a face scrub, or all around body scrub particularly with removing and cleaning out blackheads. It also helps to free ingrown hairs, prevent blemishes, and remove excess moisture from oily skin. Add the peppermint cooling effect, and you will FEEL AMAZING after use especially while using it as a facial cleanser. Our cleanser features a rejuvenating peppermint-enriched formula blended with natural oils and extracts. These products are used to gently exfoliate the face and body while pulling excess oils and toxins from the skin. The scrub gently exfoliates and removes dead skin cells and ingrown hairs that can clog pores. The mixture of ROSE HIP SEED OIL, SEAWEED and PEPPERMINT oil in our face wash are said to prevent wrinkles, quickly heal blemishes, absorb dirt and oil from pores, balance the natural oils in the skin and moisturize, all while adding a ridiculously amazing cooling effect you just may not feel in other products. It is a great option when searching for an effective acne scrub for men and women alike.


This has a slight smell of peppermint and it has a little gritty ness to it to exfoliating your face. I love this face wash and it will be on favorite list.

  • EXFOLIATING WASH: Our facial cleanser acne wash features a rejuvinating peppermint-enriched formula blended with natural oils and extracts to gently exfoliate the face and body and help remove blackheads as a thorough pore cleanser
  • Skin Type: Best as a face wash, body scrub and blackhead remover on COMBINATION and OILY skin – body cleanser that is great for the whole body and is gentle enough for sensitive and mature skin types
  • Toning: Provides skin nourishing vitamins and minerals, while strengthening the skins’ protective barrier
  • Nature first: Made with 86% Natural and Organic ingredients and PARABEN FREE – Proudly made in the USA – Environmentally friendly NO ANIMAL TESTING
  • Price and Guarantee: Available at a more affordable price compared to competing brands with no compromise at all on the quality. Love it, OR your money back! – Compare to kyoku for men exfoliating facial scrub and st. ives scrubs




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