Nano Towels Body Bath & Shower Towel

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A true revolution for your skin. Did you know when you take a shower or wash your face, your skin isn’t completely clean ?  This is because soap and a cotton towel only clean the surface of your skin. The skin contains billions of tiny pores. Through daily life, those pores get tiny dirt and debris lodged in them which causes our skin to be unhealthy.

If you use skin creams, sunblock, soap, makeup or anything else on your skin, you need to be able to get it OUT of your skin after using  it so your pores can breathe. If the pores remain clogged, the chemicals  from these skin additives can absorb into the body and into  your bloodstream, nervous system and internal organs.

The NANOTOWLES Bodyline uses an amazing, proprietary fiber called Nanolon that is tiny enough to reach deep into your pores, & actually trap and pull the dirt, debris, dead skin cells, pollutants, and makeup out of the skin.  And it does this only using water. No soap or harsh and toxic chemicals are necessary, which is much healthier for your skin.

DOUBLE SIDED BENEFITS.  Use the smooth side- for wiping  yourself down and for sensitive skin. Use the deep pile side- with “fingers” for soaking up water from our hair AND BODY, and for deep cleaning into the pores of your skin.


I am in love with towel it is the best and it so so soft. And you can see what is left behind on the towel after you wash your face. This is for anyone who want’s to know how clean your face and hair really are.




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