Credit Card Knife, Letter Opener

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This is a nice knife to have on hand while in the car or in your purse. I keep mine in the diaper bag I use it all the time.

What I really like is how flat it and it has it own little case. And you don’t have to worry about it accidentally opening It has a nice locking system on it.

And this is that locking system:

                     LOCKED                                                                    UNLOCKED 


You flip the blade over and and hold it in place until you snap it.



You snap the sides together and it will hold the blade in place. This snap is very secure and will hold.


  1. unlock
  2. flip
  3. snap
  4. you got a knife


Folding Knife  Best Folding Hunting Knife, Ever plus Stainless Steel Multifunctional Credit Card Folding Knife:: Nice-tool outdoor tool Card knife

You can use this for just about anything.

  • letter opener
  • hunting knife
  • cut fruit
  • cut strings
  • open packages




This important folding card knife has flexibility and soothes for a useful and better cutting experience. Among its glossy design, you’ll not be capable of gripping yourself from showing off the SnR Star. Folding Card knife to your friends! The SnR Star Folding Card knife is great for outdoor use! Whether it’s camping, climbing, backpacking, fishing, etc, its performance would not fail you! Its light weight and small size will build you forget that you even have it with you! Make sure to use it from time to time so that you know it is there, especially when it matters most. The best gift you can ever give to someone. Specifications: Length 87 x width 55 x thickness 2mm (overall size of the card) Weight: 15 g Material: blade / blade: cutting tool with a martensitic stainless steel; shank: Polypropylene Total l length: 14.3CM Blade length: 7.0CM handle length: 7.3CM Package:1*Credit Card Knife Lightweight, Durable, and Ready for Anything A truly unique travel knife, this is one piece of multipurpose survival gear you can’t live without. About the size of your standard credit card, it unfolds to reveal a sharp blade and comfortable, non-slip gripping handle that lets you slice, cut or chop your way through even the toughest materials. Product Details: Rust-Resistant Stainless Steel Credit Card Size (Folding) Durable, Lightweight and Compact Multipurpose Indoor/Outdoor Use Discrete (Fits in Men’s Wallet, Ladies Purse) Lifetime Warranty




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