M16 Commando SWAT Force Friction Toy Gun Pretend Play Set

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This is a fun little bundle to play with, this is what you get with it.

  • machine gun
  • hand gun
  • whistle
  • headset
  • walkie talkie
  • grenade
  • gas mask

Now this has a lot of little pieces and it’s not made well at all. My son had it 20 min and the headset broke.  And this is not made for ages 4 and under.



Well it is built to last this made very well. No pieces come off of this




the straps do not go around the head and the mask will not bend. This is not made good at all. The straps snap in on the side of the mask.




The handgun is not good and not made good at all. The headset is not made well and is a choking hazard. and the grenade is on a 1/2 of one. The handcuffs are very well made.

This is a fun kit to play with but not really made for kids 4 and under. But it’s fun to play with.


This awesome M16 Commando Set includes everything a soldier needs for battle in the field. Get these essentials! Commando set includes:

– M16 Machine Gun with Friction Sound, 9mm style Pistol
– # Real working Whistle # Working Handcuffs # Grenade slice # Field Radio
– # Communication Headset # Full Gasmask with Red Lenses # No batteries required!
– * Color: Green * Material: Plastic *


AMAZON  :  http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00HYI5OH0


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