Toddler Pillow

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perfect solution to keeping your young one’s neck, head, & spine aligned while sleeping. What makes the MY LITTLE NORTH STAR PILLOW special? DESIGNED FOR TODDLERS – Perfect size for 2-5 yr olds HYPOALLERGENIC – All cotton cover with Polyester-cluster fiber filling CHEMICALLY FREE – No mold or mildew resistance chemicals, no flame retardants, or dust-mite repellents SPINE & NECK SUPPORT – Designed & recommended by chiropractors NO PILLOWCASE NEEDED – Breathable, soft, & pliable UNISEX DESIGN – Boy or girl’s beds, cribs, daycare mats, etc. EASY TO CLEAN – Machine washable & dryable MADE IN THE USA – High quality is our focus READY FOR GIFTING – Comes with designer craft paper band & label FREE CARRY BAG INCLUDED: 100% cotton eco-friendly drawstring bag Ideal for storing the pillow, clothes, or toys RECOMMENDED FOR AGES 2 to 5 YEARS OLD * Not for children under 24 months USE ANYWHERE: Cribs Beds Daycare center Grandparents’ house Vehicles Planes Camping SPECIFICATIONS: Appropriate for 2-5 yr olds Size 18”x13”x3.5” Weight 7 ozs.


My 3 year old son just loves this pillow and it’s not too large or overstuffed like adult pillows are. This is just the right size for him and his bed. He loves to take it everywhere he gos. So if your kid likes to take his / her pillow everywhere then this is a nice thing it even comes with a bag to put the pillow in so it won’t get dirty or lost.


This bag is nice and light weight and it small enough to fit on the kids back.  The string tightens so the pillow will stay nice and tight in the bag. The strings are nice and light to so they wont cut in the shoulders and leave marks.

I also love this company I have order from them a lot and I love all of their selections on all their baby stuff. They have very nice and affordable stuff. It is all organic and 100% cotton, it is hypoallergenic, made in the U.S.A, and machine washable.   You can look at there stuff at this site


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