Charcoal Exfoliating Cleanser

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  • HELLO CUTIE FACIAL CLEANSER with ACTIVATED CHARCOAL- Say Good-Bye to blemishes, uneven skin and acne. This is not an ordinary cleanser these ingredients works synergistically to eliminate toxins, exfoliates the dead skin cells while renewing and radiating your skin.
  • BENEFITS OF ACTIVATED CHARCOAL-The activated charcoal detoxifies your face from environmental toxins that keeps your clogged and causes blemishes. The activated charcoal reach down into the deepest layer of your skin and binds the dirt and toxins together and raises them to the surface layer ready to be washed away. This leaves your pores tighter and brighter.
  • HEALTHIER GLOWING SKIN – The Jojoba Beads are natural beads that exfoliates the skin without drying. You will immediately notice the difference after one use. The Green Tea and Pomegranate extract combats the anti-aging process while Hyaluronic Acid plumps the skin as well as influences the production of collagen in the body with Vitamin B3. You cannot go wrong with these powerful ingredients.

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What I like about this product is you can use it everyday and it is all natural. It will not dry out skin. I also like the nice grittiness that will get all the dead skin and and clear out your pores. I have adult acne and this works for me. It will leave your skin glowing and super clean.

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This will not gone like a paste it is nice and smooth as you can see on my skin easy on easy off. I love it for my bad acne it works wonders on my skin.

This is one thing I will keep on my shelf and use this is very good for blackheads or acne prone skin.

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