Best Multi Functional Metal Handle Folding Hunting Credit Card Shape Pocket Survival Tools Knife / Cutter | Stainless Steel Blade | Black

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We are Proving Metal Handle With Knife for More Sustainability and Usability.Not a pain in the wallet… literally and figuratively Best Uses Area Outdoor Survival Camping Hiking Travelling Why Choose This Knifes? We Used Best and High Quality Material Metal Handle Blade Stainless Steel Blade Multi-Functional Portable Lightweight Ultra Thin Durable Sharper Safe Stronger Surgical Steel Blade Waterproof Machine Washable! MEASUREMENT 3.5″X.08″X2.1″ COLOR Black WEIGHT 0.92 ounces MATERIALS Metal Handle Stainless Steel BEST FOR GIFTS Birthday, Party, Celebration, EID or Christmas gift, this product will comes in an attractive gift box & straight from Amazon’s Warehouse all across USA.

As you can see it is nice and flat and a size of a credit card. So it won’t be big and bulky and hard to hide. You can put this in your wallet and you won’t lose it. And you will always have a nice sharp knife on you incase of emergencies.

  • MULTI FUNCTIONAL AND PORTABLE – Best Solution For Outdoor or Camping or Travelling.The Knife is Credit Card Shape and Portable to Cary
  • SHARPE AND SUPER SAFE – Knife Blade is Made by Steel Very Sharp.Edge is Protected When Keep in Wallet or Our Provided PU Bag.Safe When Open and Close Knife From Card.

As you can see here the one on the LEFT shows the knife is locked so it can stay safe without cutting you. On the RIGHT it is unlocked and it is easy to lock and unlock. What I like about this is it took me a while to figure it and I know it would take kids sometime to figure it out if they ever got a hold of it. And let’s hope that never happens kids do not need this.


Once you have it unlocked the blade will fip up and over and look like this but you have to hold it so when you bring the sides into snap it and make the handle.

These sides have pins and holes in the sides to snap it together and make a handle. It is easy to snap and unsnap for when you’re in a hurry. When it is snapped together it is secured and will stay.


This is what it looks like when it is put together it is still flat and small. This super nice.

  • METAL HANDLE – Most of the Credit Card Knifes Handle are Made By Plastic and Will Broke After Few Days,But We are Providing Metal Handle and Blade is Made By Stainless Steel.


This is the case it will come in and you can see how small it is and how well it fits in the case. This will fit into your wallet and or in a pant’s pocket.

  • ULTRA THIN AND LIGHTWEIGHT – Thickness in only 0.84 mm and 9 cm Long and the Weight is 0.92 ounces

This is good for your husband, wife, or college student.  You can keep it in the car in your bag or your pocket and purse. It is small and then and will fit just about anywhere.



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