Safebao Wireless Door Bell

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Touch Sensor, Waterproof Plug-in Door Chime with 36 melodies.

Indoor receiver Voltage Range: AC 110V-220V Operating temperature:-10℃-55℃ Outdoor transmitter Voltage Range: DC12V 23A Alkaline batteries*1 Operating temperature:-20℃-65℃ Transmission distance: 300 meters in open area Operating Frequency: 433.92MHz±200KHz Power: 0.1W Volume: 25-110dB Package list 1* Indoor receiver (3 * 1.6 inches) 1 * Outdoor transmitter (3.5 * 2.4 inches) 1 * Battery 1 * English user manual 1 bag * Screw 1* Double-sided adhesive tape Kindly Remind: 1. Wireless signal will be affected by metal obstructions, walls, concrete, etc. Keep the indoor unit as far away from the cooker, TV, WIFI wireless routers and etc products which have magnetic field or signal interference. 2. The more closer of outdoor transmitter and indoor receiver is, the better the signal will be.

This doorbell is very loud and has a lot of different rings. Some music and some talk. It is very easy to change the ringtone and keep the one you want. What I really like is the touch pad it is super sensitive and it lights up when you touch it.


This also waterproof. The receiver is a wall plugin so you don’t waste batteries on the receiver. The receiver has a blinking light on it when it is ringing so if you hear it you will see the flashing light. It is super easy to install and easy to put up outside.



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