16oz Stainless Steel Drinking Cups

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16oz Stainless Steel Drinking Cups – Pack of 5 cups
by Steel Here

Steel Here creates products that last and are made from steel. From cookware to drinks we make products that people will use for a life time and will not have to throw away.

The next time your entertaining guests with a healthy green smoothie, or hosting a party, really set the bar high with some stainless steel cups. Don’t waste your money on those one off paper and plastic cups, Save money and the environment and buy steel! With the durable design of the cups, they can go with you anywhere. Bring them along on a camping trip, or take them out at a cookout with family and friends.

BUILT STRONG – – The cups are made for premium grade thick 201 stainless steel metal, They’re durable enough to sustain outdoor and indoor drops and spills, changes in temperature, continual washing, and of course small children and toddlers!

MADE TO LAST – – These cups are reliable, The have inside surface treament to be used with any type of liquid, reusable and long lasting. When plastic and glass break down and corrode these will “Steel” be “Here” hints the brand name

HUMAN SAFE + ECO FRIENDLY – -No rust, No BPA, no toxins, no lead and no dead trees! You’re protecting the health of your body and the earth when you use these cups. Your family and kids are safe to drink out of these cups. Plus they’re 100% recyclable.

NO METAL TASTE! – – New surface treatment design makes these cups more reliable, more safe, and no metal taste in your water.

SET OF 5 CUPS – – Included are 5 stainless steel 16 oz cups,

I like to put these in the freezer or fridge and let them get cold and severe cold drinks with them. These are also good for hot drinks. And everybody will want to know where you got your cool stainless steel cups.


AMAZON  :  http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01FRI8KY2


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