Turkey, Duck & Chicken Nuggets

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An interesting bite-sized spin on a holiday classic! Tasty nuggets made with a combo of turkey breast, duck bacon and chicken breast. Bake in the oven or deep-fry. This is a new product.

This company has been around for awhile and has got a huge food line of about everything you could imagine. They keep coming out with more and more tasty food. They are all natural and do not have fillers.

I got a chance to test these and was thinking with all of these in one. It’s not going to be good. But to my surprise they are awesome, taste really good and have good flavor. The turkey and duck and chicken really come together good. Now these do come RAW so you’ll have to make sure that they are cooked through.


They are bite size so they are good for kids and adults. My 3 year old is in love with them. And they all natural and i’m happy with that. Because I know what I’m feeding my child and it is good for him.


They come in a 2 pound bag. So you get a lot in a bag. You can bake or fry them. If you bake them you’ll have to put them in for 25-30 min to make sure that they are done.

This company makes a lot of food and all there food is all natural and no filler. You know what your feed your family and trust that it is good for them. You  can find this in your freezer at walmart or krogers. These are a must have in my home for us and my child who loves them.

ORDER HERE :  http://www.milfordvalley.com/tasty-nuggets

<a href=”https://www.tomoson.com?code=BOTTOMe687b03478986acf47dcf258bc9fa9b8&#8243; rel=”nofollow” style=”display: none;”></a>

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