Real Time GPS Tracker for Kids and Pets

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CIRCO is the name of the this GPS tracker. CIRCO uses a blend of 4 technologie             ( GPS, AGPS, WIFI, CELL ID )


In today’s busy world, this easy-to-use GPS tracker keeps your entire family safe and sound. No more panicking when your child’s bus is late dropping her off. No more stressing about sending them over to a friend’s for a sleepover. And no more needless worrying when they walk home from school. The Circo GPS tracker protects your children so you can gain that crucial parenting peace of mind. For your younger kiddos, simply attach the Circo GPS tracker to their backpack or coat, allowing you to keep an eye on their whereabouts when they’re at a friend’s, walking home from school, or out on a fieldtrip. Have a teenager in the house? Install a tracker in their car, or attach it to their cell phone. This way, you always know that the most precious people in your life are completely protected.The wifi tracker Circo GPS can tell you where they’re at within 2 meters of accuracy, in real time. When you want to keep tabs on your children for their safety, the Circo GPS works with an app on your phone to let you know exactly where they are, exactly when you want to know. This is the safety measure that saves you some sanity, too. You take good care of your kids.

Now I love thing it is so cool and a good idea for kids or if you have a parent who has alzheimer’s. I like the idea on how this thing works I have not had a chance to use it but all the things I have read about it and all the comments it must be a good thing.


This is the GPS tracker that you get and you must have  SIM CARD or it will not work. On the upper right hand corner you can see where you can hook this to a backpack or on your kid. The yellow button is for emergencies. The kids press it and it will notify you where they are at.




This to rest the GPS  and open the side to put the SIM CARD in.


This is the plug in for it and it don’t take long for it to charge.This is the same as a cell phone charger and so you can charge this in the car if you needed to.


This all the nice and easy things about this GPS. This really has some cool and neat features. On keeping your kids safe at school or going  to the park and playing with friends. I believe this is an awesome idea.

Athentek’s Circo app is fun and easy to use, and also as advanced security features to ensure your privacy while connecting you and your loved ones in a secure social networking space.  You can find this on the GOOGLE APP AND APPLE STORE.



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